Top industrial salt producer in Iran

industrial salt producer

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The difference between industrial and edible salt

Industrial salt has a much lower purity than table salt and is one of the applications of industrial salt in its optimal use for livestock and livestock industry.

Did you know that the process of purification and purification is done in table salt, and this action prevents people from getting kidney stones by consuming table salt?

Seeing this difference between industrial and table salt is significant, but the main difference between these two salts is that industrial salt has a purity slightly lower than 98%, but the purity of table salt is from 99.2% and above.

Another major difference between the two products is in iodine spraying, so that industrial salt can not receive and spray iodine, and doing so is a violation.

industrial salt producer

Application of salt in the drilling industry

Extensive offshore and offshore drilling in oil and gas extraction uses industrial salts in the size of 1 to 2.5 miles, known in market terms as sugar salt.

This salt is used as a special weight enhancer for drilling mud, which is used as drilling fluid, and adding drilling salt to the density of this liquid causes it to be saturated. Drilling salt is then active in controlling and preventing well from falling.

industrial salt producer

Medicinal and industrial salt

You can see the dramatic use of medicinal salt in many pharmaceutical industries. Medicinal salt of high purity is present in ocular lens fluid, laboratory salt, etc. Of course, this salt is used in injectable serums as well as orally.

Crystalline rock salt, which is the purest type of rock salt on the planet, is widely used in the production of various medicines and has a higher price than other rock salts (except blue rock salt).

industrial salt producer

Cognition of industrial salt powder

You should know that crystalline grains are not found in powdered salt and have a very soft appearance, so it is sometimes called industrial soft salt.

Rock salt powder is widely used in many industries that do not require salt crystals, such as acid making, detergent industry, livestock and poultry, dairy industry, for the production of leather in tanning or even fisheries.

Note that because industrial powder salt is very absorbent of water and moisture, the packaging of this salt should be done in laminated bags.

industrial salt producer

What is Industrial Refined Salt?

This salt is refined in factories and is cleaned of insoluble substances that reduce its purity. Also, in industrial refined salt, the effects of heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic and lead are not seen and from materials such as lime, sand. Is also acquitted.

The highest use of refined salt is found in the food industry and almost all food industries require the use of this product.

industrial salt producer

Industrial salt producer

Our collection offers refined recrystallized salt in 25 kg bags with iodine and without iodine and always sells its product at a lower price than the market norm.

industrial salt producer

The purity of this product varies between 99.2 to 99.8 and has never recorded a number less than 99, which indicates that the processing equipment and salt production is up to date and all hygienic points are observed.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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