Purchase direct from Iran edible salt factory

edible salt factory

Purchase direct from Iran edible salt factory, table salt manufacturer, recrystallization salt for export to Iraq with the possibility of changing iodine in accordance with the climate of Kurdistan and the south.

Edible salt sales center

The food salt factory takes a big step towards the health of consumers by preparing table salt. Undoubtedly, the existence of modern and advanced tools and devices for refining and sanitizing salt is one of the essential needs for food salt production.

Edible salt is an appetizing flavor for food that, despite advanced and up-to-date devices, purifies it of harmful contaminants for human health, because this bright white substance, despite its enchanting and white appearance, may also have dangerous elements. .

Iodine recrystallization is also added to this product to produce table salt, which is required by the Ministry of Health.

The good news is that if you want to prepare table salt, with the standard mark with iodine and without iodine and without a face-to-face visit, you can easily register your order through Halito sales center and receive the desired product.

edible salt factory

Method of production and processing of table salt

In the processing of salt, a substance without which life is impossible, using rock salt, first the rock rock must enter a special pool and a very concentrated solution of water and salt must be created.

In the next step, the created solution needs to pass through very small filters that are in the micron size and absorb any floating material in the solution.

After that, by injecting special substances, other salts besides sodium are precipitated and the mentioned process is repeated once again, and what remains is pure sodium, and for this reason, it is called refining or recrystallization twice.

Finally, a solution containing pure sodium will turn into salt crystals due to heat and evaporation.

You should know that in the recrystallization salt processing process, the processed salt is cleaned of contaminants with a very high degree of purity. But in the hydromyl method, due to the refining once, the salt of other salts comes with a higher percentage.

edible salt factory

Edible salt factory

Undoubtedly, the major share of Garmsar’s unique salt ores should not be ignored by gaining the first rank of mines in supplying salt to food salt factories.

Using high purity rock salt to produce salt is a very strong incentive for buyers who are looking for a quality product.



edible salt factory

Export of table salt to Iraq

Iran, with its many treasures of white salt jewelry, plays a major role in the export of this white gold, and Iraq is a large market for purchasing this product from Iran.

Due to its good quality and very competitive price, Iranian salt has been able to completely occupy the Iraqi domestic market and has caused the export boom in this sector to be directed to Iraq.

edible salt factory

Of course, other countries such as Afghanistan and Turkey are also buyers of Iranian table salt, and in the meantime, the UAE is always a major buyer of this product along with Iraq.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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