Persian salt lamp wholesale in Iran

Persian salt lamp

Persian salt lamp wholesale Iran, Electric salt lamp, salt candle holder, salt bricks for salt room 10*20*5 cm, grill salt block 20*30*5 cm.

Buy Tabriz decorative salt stone, bedside lamp, wooden base salt stone, various models of spheres, bowls, polyhedral, rocky and pyramid with the most beautiful and accurate type of cutting, therapeutic salt stone, for bulk and single purchase of Garmsar decorative salt stone in Tabriz Call.

How to produce salt lamp

Decorative rock salt of Tabriz is one of the famous types of rock salt that has been considered in the market due to its variety and high quality. How to make decorative rock salt is different from other salts. Since this salt is not consumed for health and food, it does not show any steps such as iodizing, applying anti-cake ingredients and a lot of refining.

Extraction of salt from salt mines and mountains with advanced equipment and tools, washing salt and cutting it with special tools in any way is one of the main steps in the production of decorative rock salt. Creativity and elegance in the production of rock salt can lead to more success of producers and more marketing of the product.

Persian salt lamp

Where should we put salt rock in the house?

Those who arrange their decorations with principles such as feng shui and energy therapy ask a lot of questions about the best place for their decorations. Placing some components of interior decoration such as flowers, salt stones, jewelry and healing stones and waterfront is more sensitive than other decorations.

Because decorative rock stones, especially rock stones that also play the role of bedside lamps, reading lamps, candle holders, etc., emit light; They have a lot of energy and eliminate the negative energies of the environment. It is better to put them in the right place. The bathroom, behind the windows, above the bed, near the electronics and the bedroom toilet table can be the best place for these rock salts. Placing rock salt in these environments reduces stress and anxiety, increases inner peace, cleanses the environment of dust, allergens and toxins.

Feng Shui principles believe that the north and northeast, the center of the house and the south and southwest can be the best place for decorative rock salt.

Tabriz decorative salt stone has been designed and produced in different types with different applications to be suitable for placement in different parts of the house.

Persian salt lamp

Persian salt lamp wholesale

Tabriz decorative salt stone is offered in reputable stores all over the country and it is possible for all people to buy it online. Tabriz decorative salt stone is available in different colors of red, white, pink, brown and cream, and the difference in the constituent mineral has caused this color variety.

Persian salt lamp

The price of these rock salts is determined according to the type of rock salt, percentage of purity, color of the stone, type of cutting, work delicacy, weight, etc.

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