Iran persian salt lamp market

persian salt lamp

Iran persian salt lamp market, persian salt lamp manufacturer in Iran, type of models in cheap price and unique models.

New salt rock lampshade market, the largest center for the production of rock salt lampshades, rock salt bedside lamps, all kinds of decorative and decorative rock salt bedside lamps with wooden base.

The new rock salt lamp is one of the new and popular decorative items that is produced a lot today. Mass production of this device is due to the high demand of its consumers, so a large volume of salt stone lampshades are produced annually and sold in various forms. In the market of buying these lampshades, we can see different types of these lampshades that every buyer with any taste can provide them.

persian salt lamp

How is a salt lamp produced?

In this article, we are going to introduce different types of salt rock lampshades and also how to produce them, so we recommend that you stay with us until the end of this article. As we said in the article above, there are salt stones with different colors, the most famous and common of which is white salt rock.

To produce lampshades made of white salt rock, first salt rocks are extracted from its famous mines, then, salt rock cutting is done by skilled artists in this field with different shapes.

For example, cutting rock salt in the shape of a heart or cutting rock rock in the shape of dolls or childish fantasy shapes for children’s rooms is one of the most common types of rock rock cuts for producing lampshades. After cutting these stones, some manufacturers paint them and others use the pure white color of these stones, which alone creates a special charm in the lampshade. It goes without saying that most products made from rock salt are in its natural white color. Because this type of stone reflects light from inside the stone to outside it, then they cut it inside the stone using special small and large lights or produce beautiful lampshades outside it.

persian salt lamp

Direct supply of new persian salt lamp

Salt stones for decorative lampshades are common in the market today. Different lampshades that are produced in different sizes and designs of this rock salt have attracted many buyers to these products. The price of salt lampshade is very different due to its simplicity or the use of different tools in its production.

persian salt lamp

Some of these lampshades have very hard and complex cuts that require a lot of time, which raises the price of the lampshade itself, and others have engravings that also increase the price of the lampshade, but we must be careful. There is a simpler and also more elegant type of these lampshades in the market that are offered to buyers at a much lower price.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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