Manufacturer of salt bricks in small dimensions and large parts

salt bricks

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Manufacturer of salt bricks in small dimensions and large parts, 10 * 20 salt bricks for making salt walls, cut salt stones in 20 * 40 and 20 * 30 dimensions for cooking and grill stones, contact us to buy bulk flat salt stones.

As the name implies, salt brick is a type of salt that is in the form of brick cubes. These brick blocks are used for various purposes. One of these uses is to build salt houses for treatment.

What is a salt brick?

In some countries, salt rooms are built. Mineral salt rock is not suitable for building these rooms, so these stones are cut into salt bricks and used in the construction of these rooms. The main reason for making these salt rooms goes back many years. When people used salt caves to cure all kinds of diseases.

Today, with the advancement of science, it has been proven that being in salt rooms can cure some diseases, including asthma. According to research that scientists have studied on several cases, continuous presence for a certain period of time can improve some diseases or reduce the effects of some diseases, including asthma. This research has also been done in Iran and has yielded amazing results.

Salt bricks are also used to make decorative walls in homes, which can be made very beautiful with lighting.

Salt bricks are used as one of the air purifiers. This material has antiseptic properties to eliminate environmental pollution and is also suitable for use in the environment due to its sedative properties.

salt bricks

How to produce salt bricks

Salt bricks are produced using salt rock and making cubic cuts in rock salt. Another method of producing salt bricks is to harden the salt with water and make it resistant.

salt bricks

Wholesale salt bricks

The price of salt bricks varies depending on the quality of the salt and the purity of the salt in the salt bricks, as well as the quality of the mineral salt rock and the size of the bricks and cutting machines. This brick is produced in packages in different sizes and is sold as a construction of advertising walls and salt wall coverings or interior decoration design. Bulk sale of salt bricks is very common in the construction industry. In addition, salt bricks are used as a serving tray in the food industry and in some restaurants.

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salt bricks

Halito rock salt company is a producer of rock salt products in Iran, which has been able to provide different salt rock products to consumers by producing various salt brick models.

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