Manufacturer of Garmsar salt bricks and salt blocks

Iran salt bricks

Manufacturer of Iran salt bricks and salt blocks, salt bricks 10*20*5 cm, salt block dimension 20*40*5 cm.

Manufacturer of Garmsar salt bricks and salt glue, salt therapy bricks to build a salt room, before buying salt bricks, be sure to compare the quality and price of Halito therapeutic salt bricks.

Salt bricks are obtained from rock salt and are common with rock salt in terms of healing properties. One of the properties of salt bricks is that it repels the negative energies of the environment and thus brings a sense of calm to people. Another feature of salt bricks is that it purifies and purifies the surrounding air. Salt bricks are very suitable for people with respiratory problems and shortness of breath.

How to cut salt bricks

Salt rock is cut into cubes by special machines and salt bricks are produced. These bricks are produced in different sizes and sizes according to the applications. In pricing bricks, it should be borne in mind that the larger the size of the salt brick, the higher the price.

Iran salt bricks

What is the use of salt bricks?

Salt bricks are used to build special chambers that are very effective in treating diseases. Cut salt bricks can absorb environmental pollutants and in this regard has a very strong antiseptic property for the environment.

The negative ions in salt bricks completely purify the air inside the salt chambers, and these chambers are one of the best places to keep respiratory patients. Making promotional items is another application of salt bricks.

Iran salt bricks

Manufacturer of Iran salt bricks

Rock salt is one of the newest methods used for cooking and food preparation. In this method, salt consumption is as low as possible and these stones have medicinal and therapeutic properties. Cooking rock salts are available in various sizes in the market and are generally used for grilling food. The use of these stones is very useful for people with high blood pressure and helps control blood pressure.

Iran salt bricks

When using these stones, care should be taken that the temperature is gentle and regulated, so that the food does not get burned and cooks slowly. The dimensions of cooking rock salt are various and according to its size, the most suitable case can be selected and used and healthy and low-cost cooking can be experienced according to the items mentioned above.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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