The largest center production of rock salt decor for export

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rock salt decor

The largest center production of rock salt decor for export, ball rock salt, the most beautiful models of bedside lamps for special rock salt for export, production of orange, red and white salt bricks with special packaging for export.

Learning to make rock salt decor

The presence of rock salt in the home and workplace has many benefits, for example, rock salt helps to purify and purify the air we breathe, and this improves breathing, especially in people with lung problems.

In addition to the above, this natural halite helps to absorb the positive ions produced as a result of using electronic devices such as TVs, mobile phones and laptops and protects the body against the dangers of positive ions.

The benefits of rock salt are many, but in this section we are going to briefly explain how to make decorative rock salt, something that has been asked by many customers of Halito rock salt collection.

Join us to make a simple salt rock jar.

To do this, you need pieces of salt rock, glassware such as candle holders, glue, paint, zipper and brush. The steps are as follows:

  1. Put some rock salt in a zipper bag and put a few drops of your favorite color in it and mix well until the color reaches all the pieces of rock salt.
  2. Then set aside the salt and let the paint dry well.
  3. After the rock salt dries, you can put a layer of glue on the glass container and gently dip your container in the pieces of rock salt and roll it so that all parts of the container are covered with rock salt.
  4. At this stage, the paraffin should be melted at a medium temperature (temperature should not exceed 90 degrees). You can control the temperature by placing the thermometer in paraffin. Stir the paraffin well and then you can put the wick in the desired container and tie a small piece of metal to the bottom to prevent it from shaking.
  5. After the paraffin has melted, wait two minutes for it to cool slightly, and after it has cooled slightly, gradually pour the paraffin into the container and allow it to cool gradually at room temperature. Now you can enjoy the beauty of the combination of rock salt and candles.

Another simple solution that you can use to make decorative rock salt is to prepare a beautiful and elegant dish to your liking and put pieces of raw rock salt in it and put a lamp in it and just as beautiful Have fun.

rock salt decor

Properties of rock salt soap

One of the products that is made from rock salt along with various decorative rock salts and has many applications, is rock salt soap, which has extraordinary properties for skin health.

Rock salt contains many minerals, which are present only in the original rock salts that have not been refined.

In order to use natural rock salt, the best solution is to use it in the form of rock salt soap so that all the sharpness of the rock salt is taken and it does not injure the skin.

Halito Salt Stone Collection produces salt rock soap at a very reasonable price and in bulk. Contact us for the wholesale price of this product.

Despite many requests, we must inform the esteemed customers of the collection that it is not possible to sell salt rock soap alone and this product is only offered in bulk.

rock salt decor

Ball rock salt lamp design

Salt rock bedside lamp is the best-selling decorative rock salt product that together with the pyramid model rock salt bedside lamp have been able to attract maximum customer satisfaction.

Ball rock is produced in two diameters of 15 cm and 18 cm with wooden base and salt base.

rock salt decor

Wholesale decorative rock salt

If you do not have the time to prepare decorative rock salt products, you can buy a variety of decorative rock stones, including candle holders and bedside lamps, individually or in bulk from the Halito collection.



rock salt decor

For information about the wholesale price, in addition to calling the number at the bottom of this page, you can also contact us in the messengers .

Source: Halito rock salt company

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