Globe salt lamp wholesale and supply

Globe salt lamp

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One of the most important and main uses of rock salt is its use as decorative rock salt. Salt rock is one of the most beautiful types of mineral stones that exist in various shapes and colors in salt rock mines in Iran and some other countries of the world, such as Pakistan and are used in various cases.

Salt stone lampshade is one of the most beautiful salt statues that have many fans and customers in the country and even in the world and they are used as decorative bedside lamps in homes and bedrooms. In this article, we will try to introduce you to the salt rock lampshade and explain it to you dear ones. Stay with us.

Globe salt lamp

Properties of salt rock lampshades

As we said at the beginning of this article, salt rock lampshade is one of the most beautiful lampshades and bedside lamps that are used in residential homes and even some offices, cafes, restaurants, etc. and make it more beautiful. Becomes the interior of these places. In addition to the beauty of these lampshades, rock salt lampshades cause the production and distribution of negative ions in the interior of the room.

Negative ions that are scattered in space, increase the self-confidence of people in the room and also cause a state of peace of mind in people. Therefore, one of the most important uses and benefits of rock salt is the therapeutic applications of this type of stone.

Globe salt lamp

Manufacturer of illuminated rock salt

Illuminated rock salt or the same as rock salt lampshade, today has many fans and customers in the country and therefore the manufacturers of rock salt lampshades, to meet the needs of customers, as well as increase the number of customers in the country, always try to improve product quality. Increase their production and produce beautiful and attractive salt rock lampshades to increase their customers and fans day by day.

Globe salt lamp

Globe salt lamp factory

In the production of salt stone lampshades, beautiful and colorful salt stones are used. Red is one of the most widely used colors for the production of salt rock lampshades. Using this type of rock salt, very beautiful and pleasant lampshades will be produced and marketed.

Halito rock Salt Company is the largest producer of salt stone lampshades in Iran.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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