Purchase edible rock salt for export to Iraq and India

edible rock salt

Purchase edible rock salt for export to Iraq and India, white salt rock with 99.5% purity, 98.3% purity red rock salt, jumbo bag packaging, delivery in the destination country.

Original mineral rock salt

Rock salt is one of the most well-known minerals that most people deal with because it is edible, and it is scientifically known as halite, which has the chemical formula of sodium chloride (NaCl).

Edible rock salt should have a completely white appearance with no dark and red streaks, which is very rare and indicates a very high purity of sodium.

Of course, not all rock salts are white, and mineral ores are found in the following colors:

  • Red rock salt
  • Orange rock salt
  • Blue rock salt

edible rock salt

Purchase edible rock salt

To buy edible rock salt, it should be noted that the price of rock salt has a direct relationship with the purity of rock salt and its intended use.

Rock salt may have different salts, which in turn will determine the use of rock salt.

So, first the degree of purity and then the use of rock salt will determine its price. No matter.

edible rock salt

Garmsar rock salt Factory

Garmsar salt rock factory packages and markets the best rock salts for export, which is the most widely used packaging for export items in the following weights:

  • 1 ton jumbo bag
  • 50 kg bag
  • 20 kg bag

The highest order of rock salt is for packing white rock rock and red rock rock, which Halito rock  salt company has a monthly packing capacity of 8,000 tons of rock rock in its factory.

edible rock salt

Where to buy edible rock salt?

If you own a restaurant, you will need to buy rock salt for cooking.

Keep in mind that edible rock salt is very limited and rare, and the salt rock cut used in the market is of the streaked type, which carries harmful salts such as lime and gypsum, and is not suitable for beating and edible use in any way.

edible rock salt

However, in general, centers and guilds that intend to use salt must use refined table salt. However, some guilds, such as bakeries or poultry factories can use iodine-free table salt.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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