Manufacturer of Persian salt lamp with wooden base

Persian salt lamp

Manufacturer of Persian salt lamp with wooden base, the best and unique salt lamps made in halito rock salt factory.

Manufacturer of wooden-based illuminated salt rock, wholesale, the first manufacturer of salt rock bedside lamp with stained glass embossing with unique design, wholesale and retail.

Illuminated rock salt has always, and perhaps even historically, had its own customers and fans. Many people believe in the magical properties of this device and consider the combination of light and heat with salt to be beneficial. In addition to many benefits, it should be said that lighted rock salt has a special appearance and some other customers are also attracted by this property.

Persian salt lamp

 Manufacturer of persian salt lamp

Salt rock, for various reasons, is chosen as a chamber, place, or in other words, the same lampshade for lighting. The choice of rock salt as a cover source for light, of course, is not limited to today, and historically, perhaps hundreds of years ago, in various countries, especially in East Asia and India, this method was used and salt rock lampshade was common. . Illuminated rock salt, however, must be made of high quality rock rock and not every rock is ready for this application.

The stones used in the manufacture of illuminated salt rock must, in addition to the appropriate purity and appropriate color, have an acceptable appearance to achieve the ultimate beauty in the cutting and preparation stages. If you are doing this and you are a manufacturer of salt stone lampshades, we suggest that you pay special attention to the quality and beauty of the stones in this collection.

Persian salt lamp

Iran rock salt decor market

Illuminated rock salt, in addition to its aesthetic appearance and decorative use to make different environments more attractive, has several healing properties in practice. The therapeutic properties of illuminated salt rock are such that salt, in contact with the heat of the flame, exhibits these properties over time and balances the humidity of the ambient air while creating a kind of detoxifying and soothing property in the surrounding environment. However, the stone itself must maintain its beauty in constant contact with heat.

With these descriptions, we suggest that you use quality and suitable salt rock for this purpose. The rock salt offered in this collection is exactly the product that can give healing and medicinal properties to your customers as well as beauty.

Persian salt lamp

Buy Persian salt lamp

As it was emphasized in the previous section, if you want to prepare and buy lighted rock salt, you can use the products and materials offered in this collection. With direct access to the best and most quality stone quarries in the country, we deliver the products to you exactly as you expect. In addition to cost-effectiveness and complete purity, these beauty products have an exemplary appearance and attract even the most demanding people.

Halito Salt Stone Collection is the largest producer of decorative salt stones with very exceptional prices in Iran.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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