Biggest Rock salt factory in Iran

Rock salt factory

Biggest Rock salt factory in Iran, white rock saltpink rock salt, red rock salt, orange rock salt, suji salt in 25 kg bag, export to india, china, russia.

The best Garmsar salt rock factory, extraction, supply and export of various types of salt rock with food grade and industrial purity, exactly based on the customer’s order, the possibility of delivery and clearance of salt rock in the destination country and delivery to the final customer.

The best Garmsar salt rock factory tries with all its might and effort. Provide customers with exemplary products. Rock salt contains a mineral called sodium chloride. This stone, as its name suggests, contains salt because of this salt.

Rock salt factory

Benefits of using rock salt at home

The benefits of using rock salt at home include the following options:

  • The use of this stone causes. Eliminate all dirt and dust inside the house. This in turn can eliminate the fatigue caused by these contaminants. This stone eliminates indoor pollution. It can improve respiratory and lung problems.
  • This product can eliminate the negative energies of the environment and people and help to create positive energies.
  • Those who have insomnia. They should use this product at home. Because this stone can destroy positive ions and cause sleep.
  • This stone can cause negative ions in the home space. This can reduce stress and create a sense of calm.
  • This product can be used at home to remove sore eyes.
  • To reduce migraine headaches, we should use this product at home.
  • Great for boosting the immune system. This stone can be used to regulate blood pressure. To strengthen the level of consciousness, we must use rock salt.

Rock salt factory

High quality rock salt production plant

High quality rock salt factory has been able to earn a good income by producing and supplying this product. This product has a glass surface and has a salty taste. Because of this, it can be easily distinguished from other stones. Because of its salty taste, this stone can be used instead of ordinary salt in food. So that we can enjoy its benefits and help the health of our body and soul.

Feng Shui salt stones are produced with the best quality and price. Because of this, it has many qualities. Whatever sunlight shines on the surface of these rocks can greatly contribute to their radiance and clarity. We can place candles inside these stones to beautify our home environment and eliminate environmental pollution and help clean our home.

Rock salt factory

Packaging and exporting rock salt

In addition to producing the best-selling products in the domestic market, the Halito salt rock collection offers a variety of red and orange export rock salts with jumbo bag packaging to global markets.

The possibility of monthly supply of up to 5000 tons of red and orange salt rock is one of the capabilities of this complex, which has made Halito salt rock complex the largest supplier of salt rock in Iran and the Middle East.

Rock salt factory

The possibility of delivering the product in the destination country after all customs formalities is one of the other capabilities of this collection, which has made purchasing more and more easy for export customers.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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