Export white rock salt to Russia

white rock salt

Export of white rock salt to Russia with jumbo bag, industrial and edible white rock salt, delivery in FOB port of Anzali port, possibility of monthly supply up to 2 thousand tons.

How to form rock salt

Rock salt is a product that is used for various purposes of human life. This mineral mineral played an important role in human life in the past centuries and sometimes wars were fought to obtain it. Today, there are many rock salt mines around the world, all of which are relics of thousands and millions of years ago.

The rock salt trade is so specialized today that every rock salt must be used exactly in an industry that has the necessary efficiency, something that has not been done so carefully in the past!

In fact, when the whole earth was covered with water, there were active volcanoes all over it that would enter the ocean by constantly erupting its molten material, resulting in large amounts of chlorine and sodium ions entering the ocean water. As a result, with the reaction of these two elements and the accumulation of sediments over millions of years, salt rock mines were created.

With the gradual drying of the oceans, their floor salts have changed into different colors over the centuries, depending on the amount of elements available, with white, blue, red, orange, and pink being the most popular colors of rock salt.

white rock salt

The difference between white and colored rock salt

White salt rock can be considered as a pure example of salt, but sometimes due to the presence of some different natural elements, we see that some salt rocks have a pink, dark color and so on.

Colored rock salts are the least used in industry because the elements in them such as iron can cause heavy damage to the devices and the best option is mineral white salt, and despite the advertisements made on colored rock salts, it is almost in the field. Decorative rock salt is sometimes used as edible salt in some countries.



white rock salt

Application of rock salt in industries

White salt rock is a product that is used in many cases due to its high purity. In the past, this stone was mainly used for preparing food as well as storing meat, etc., and today the scope of use of this product has become wider. Of white salt rock for:

  • Livestock and animal husbandry
  • Preparation of animal feed
  • For water hardening
  • Use in refineries
  • To regenerate the resin


white rock salt

Buy white mineral rock salt

White mineral salt rock with four different special qualities:

  • Animal rock salt
  • rock salt water softner
  • Rock salt for cutting
  • Industrial rock salt

Available for direct sale from the mine. It is also possible to load up to 500 tons of white salt rock daily without any restrictions.

white rock salt

Export white rock salt to Russia

Russia is always one of the largest buyers of rock salt from Iran due to the expansion of industries and the urgent need for rock salt.

Of course, exporting salt to Russia is not always easy and there is a lot of sensitivity on the analysis and compliance with the product sent to the export to this country is extremely important and due to re-analysis at the destination before entering Russia can return. Goods and non-acceptance at the destination are always conceivable.

white rock salt

To export salt rock to Russia, before any action, you can benefit from free consultation of Halito salt rock collection.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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