Mineral white rock salt of Garmsar for export

white mineral rock

Export of edible Garmsar white mineral rock  Saltwith 99.5% purity, special rock salt for cutting and production of decorative rock salt, cheap animal white rock salt.

Introducing the rock salt mine

The mineral crystal that is extracted from the mountains is known as halite and has the chemical formula of sodium chloride (NaCl), and you should know that after extracting and preparing white salt rock, it is crushed into smaller pieces.

There are many salt rock mines in Iran, but without a doubt, Garmsar salt rock mine, despite having the highest quality type of extracted salt, is an exceptional case.

But another reason for not exploring salt rock is the traditional way, despite the advancement of technology and the invention of the most advanced tools, salt ore extraction is best done in these mines. You can also see different types of rock salt in red, orange, blue and white rock salt.

white rock salt

Familiarity with different types of white salt rock

Among the types of white salt rock, we can mention the high white salt rock, which is a model of a rare and irreplaceable salt with a purity of 99.5%.

Icy white salt rock with 98.5% purity is also one of the most beautiful wonders of Garmsar salt rock mine.

But the story of white rock salt does not end here, and there are other white rock salts that are classified based on color or percentage of purity, such as:

  • Veined white rock salt
  • White salt rock with 97% purity
  • White sugar rock salt
  • Icy white rock salt with streaked sugar

white rock salt

White rock salt benefits

Based on what is said in the previous paragraph, for more information on the uses of each of them, it is suggested to see the table below.


Type of white salt rock Application
Purity 99.5% Oral use – water purification – resin reduction
Ice purity 98.5% For the production of decorative and therapeutic salt stones
97% ice purity Resin reduction – use of animal feed
Striped iced sugar For animal feed with white crystals
White sugar For salting


Animal use of white salt stones kills harmful germs and viruses in the stomach and intestines of livestock.



Have you heard that stress is destructive, psychological and a prelude to the onset of some diseases? So you can use the shining crystal of rock salt and its healing ways.

white rock salt

Rock salt export market

With the improvement of the salt rock export market in Iran, this field still requires unique conditions.

The export market to Russia, China, India and Turkey, of course, must be considered in terms of salt, purity and color of salt.


white rock salt

Also, the type of packaging and shipping is an important issue that determines the price, and in the export market, the quality of the product is very important, which should always be on the agenda.

The existence of customers who constantly register their orders indicates that the rock salt with very good quality has reached the buyer and has encouraged him to re-order.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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