Export of all kinds of pure iran mineral rock salt

mineral rock salt

Export of all kinds of pure iran mineral rock salt, pink rock salt, red rock salt purity 98.3 %, white rock salt purity 99.5 %.

Wholesale sales of pure mineral salt rock, blue rock salt, pink rock salt for export, red and orange rock salt with jumbo bag packaging, crystal clear rock salt with 99.8% purity.

mineral rock salt

Where does pure rock salt form?

Salt, also known as halite mineral, circulates naturally in the natural cycle as a water-soluble mineral. Carefully look at the seawater, you will notice that there is a large amount of salt along the solution in the water, but what will cause the rock salt is the formation of sediment from the same rotating water.

Water can be trapped in a closed environment for various reasons and evaporate over time. The product of water evaporation in closed spaces is the formation of rock salt. Watch out for caves and salt mountains.

These environments have dried up in the distant past, when the earth was completely flooded, and have been created underground for at least 150 million years.

mineral rock salt

Properties of rock salt for livestock

After extraction, rock salt is divided according to color and purity, and cheaper salt rock is usually used for animal feed, and this rock rock is one of the best-selling types.

Pure salt rock, the core of which is composed of halite mineral, has many benefits for livestock. By licking and rubbing its tongue on pure rock salt, the animal absorbs a large amount of sodium from its body.


  • Milk production in the animal body requires a good amount of sodium and chloride in the diet. This will be provided by empty salt rock.
  • The salt disinfection and antimicrobial properties help the animal kill many of the microbes in its food that are trapped in the animal’s digestive tract after consuming rock salt.
  • The growth of ossification and maintaining the health of the nervous structure of cattle is another result of using empty rock salt.

mineral rock salt

Production of decor rock salt

Rock salts that are very resistant to drilling and cutting, so-called ice, are very suitable for the production of decorative rock salt.

Halito rock salt company is the largest producer of decor salt lamp in Iran and produces its products from high quality white salt rock and very rare red and orange rock salt.

mineral rock salt

Wholesale sale of rare blue salt rock

If you are interested in the export of rare rock salt, the rare and export sample of blue rock salt will be provided to you by the Halito salt rock collection. It is also possible to deliver it to the destination for purchases over 500 kg.

mineral rock salt

Export of crystalline rock salt

Clear crystalline rock salt, which is also called glass rock salt, is a type of pure and very rare rock rock that has a lot of medicinal value. Of course, its frequency is much higher than blue rock salt, but in comparison with other rock salts such as rock. White salt or orange rock salt is rare.

Contact us to export crystal rock salt. It is also possible to supply 50 tons of clear and glass rock salt in 25 kg bags per month.

mineral rock salt

Biggest Irani salt supplier

If you are one of the manufacturers of salt-based decorative items, we suggest that you take a special look at the bulk purchase of pure therapeutic and decorative salt stones from the Halito collection.

mineral rock salt

The production of decorative rock salt with these rock salts is very attractive and will attract the viewer’s attention. Also, Halito salt rock collection offers its products for wholesale at a very exceptional price and in all price ranges.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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