Red Rock Salt Exporters

Red Rock Salt

Biggest Red Rock Salt Exporter in Iran, ability to supply 5000 tons monthly, jumbo bag packing, export to India, iraq, china.

Exporting export salt is vital for any country’s trade. With 68 types of minerals, Iran ranks tenth in terms of variety of reserves. At present, more than 70% of salt in Iran is extracted from Garmsar mines, some of which are consumed as  Red Rock Salt.

Red Rock Salt

Red Rock Salt Buying Tips

When buying salt, care must be taken to put the words “refined iodized salt” on the packaging. Refined salt is salt in which insoluble impurities such as heavy metals as well as soluble impurities such as lime, sand are removed in a factory process.
Storing and storing iodized salt for a long time (more than a year) causes the loss of part of iodine. To preserve iodine, salt should be kept away from light and moisture and in a plastic, wooden, earthenware or dark colored glass jar. Keep and to add it to the food at the time of cooking,how is rock salt formed، add salt at the end of cooking to keep the iodine to a maximum.
Emphasizing that the date of salt consumption and the existence of a manufacturing license from the Ministry of Health on the packaging should always be considered, he added: Consumption of unrefined salt due to impurities in people with a history of gastrointestinal, kidney and liver diseases and even its continuous use In healthy people, it leads to gastrointestinal, kidney, liver and even reduced iron absorption in the body.

Red Rock Salt

Red Rock Salt Exports to the World

The world’s first edible, commercially available mineral, the main element of long-term food preservation, was the natural flavoring until just 100 years ago.

It was so important that taxes were levied on its production, distribution, and trade, and it was a source of income for governments.

Edible salt is made of sodium and chlorine. It is soluble in water and is one of the most important salts used in the daily diet of humans .

Oral salt in minerals in sediments and sediments There are also folds that are extracted in the form of rock salt.

It is also abundant in seawater, salt mine،which can be harvested .

Red Rock Salt

Edible salt, like other salts, is an ionic compound.

The elements in this ionic compound are edible in sodium and chlorine salts.



With impurities entering the halite crystal or edible salt, the mineral turns into a variety of colors, for example by entering the elements uranium and carbon into black.

This mineral is found with silicon or bitter salt in evaporative, hot and dry environments.

The salty taste of the glass and the low hardness of the mineral make it easy to identify with a group of similar minerals.

Source: Halito rock salt company export center

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