Export salt for Iraq Russia India market

Export salt

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Iran is known as one of the largest producers of rock salt in the world and with its huge rock ore mines, every year exports different types of rock rock, from Iran to neighboring countries and other countries in the world, including European countries. These salts are known as export salts. There are different types of these rock salts, each of which has a different color and has different minerals in its structure that have changed their color. In the following, we will introduce you to three of the most important export rock salts.

Export salt

Export red and orange rock salt

If the rock salt contains certain amounts of iron in its structure, the rock rock will turn orange and red, which will be darker or lighter in color depending on the amount of iron in it. This type of rock salt is used in many cases. For example, in the decorative industries and the production of various types of rock salt bedside lamps as well as salt statues, this type of rock stone is used. In addition, this type of salt has therapeutic uses and for those people who suffer from iron deficiency anemia, this type of rock salt can compensate for their iron deficiency.

Export salt

Blue rock salt export

Another of the most beautiful types of rock salt is blue rock rock, which exists in very small quantities in the world and only in Iran, more amounts of this type of rock rock can be found. This type of rock salt is due to the presence of potassium reserves in it, which has become like this and has taken on a blue color.

Salt exports to India

One of the countries to which large quantities of rock salt are sent every year is India. This country has no share in the world of salt rock resources, or the amount of this type of rock in this country is very small. Therefore, to meet its needs, it always imports this type of stone to its country.

Export salt

Export salt to Iraq

Iraq is known as Iran’s western neighbor, which annually exports various types of chemicals, industry, food, etc. to this country. One of the destinations of Iranian rock salt is Iraq, which due to the low amount of rock salt in this country, this type of rock has been exported to this country and brings a good currency for Iran.

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