Iran Salt Factory Products for Export

mineral rock salt

Iran Salt Factory Products for Export, in jumbo bag or 25 kg bag based on customer order, made by high quality rock salt.

Salt or sodium chloride is one of the many essential nutrients for the body. The salt our body needs The salt that is used when cooking food meets the natural needs of our body. On the other hand, salt flavors food and without it, food does not taste good.

It is one of the largest salt rock mines in Iran in Garmsar and Garmsar salt factory offers various products in this city by using a large and varied salt mine in this city. In the following, we will become more familiar with the types of products of this factory.

Salt Factory Products

Types of garmsar Salt Factory Products

Today, unlike in the past, salt mining is done using advanced drilling and transportation equipment. Existence of high salt mines in Garmsar and its high quality of salt has caused many advanced equipments and facilities in this area to be established to extract salt ore and produce its products.

In Garmsar mines, rock salt is extracted in different types of high purity, medium and low purity, each of which has its own applications.

In addition to white, salt stones can be of other colors, including the types of tropical salt rocks in terms of color.

Red rock salt: Contains a lot of iron.
Orange rock salt: It has iron and use for decor salt lamp
Blue rock salt: It has very little production and all of it is exported to European countries.
White rock salt: It has a high purity and is used for food and water treatment.
Black rock salt: It has low purity and is mostly used in tanning and dyeing industries.

Among the products of Garmsar Salt Factory, the following can be mentioned:

Animal rock salt: It is used for nutritional and therapeutic purposes, especially in dairy cows.
Rock salt for remove hard water: One of the best materials for getting salts and water hardness.
Cut rock salt: Brick and dialysis machines are also used to make bricks.
decor salt lamp: Used to make lampshades and bedside lamps and other decorative items.
Salt therapy: The purity of these salts is more than 98.5%.

Industrial Salt: Rock salt is crushed in different sizes and is classified into various types of fishery, sugar, shell, powder and cyclone salt.

Salt Factory Products

Wholesale rock salt

Due to the high need for salt in the community and industry, Garmsar Salt Stone Factory, with its large and diverse salt mines, can not only meet domestic needs but also export to neighboring countries such as Russia.

Salt Factory Products

This factory, with its great variety of salt rock products, is able to meet your needs anywhere in Iran. It is enough to contact our sales manager to know the price of the product and deliver your order as soon as possible.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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