Export of Irani salt in bulk

Irani salt

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Procurement and purchase of bulk salt has definitely become more difficult compared to the past due to the expansion of the influence of profiteering sellers and the movement of the market towards unreliable products. That’s why we suggest you buy from a collection whose validity and capability have been proven in practice.

Irani salt

 How to produce refined salt

As you know, salt is a mineral and was initially available in the form of large stones in mines. How the mine itself was formed and what the reasons for its formation include are beyond the scope of this text. But it is not bad to know briefly, most salts are the result of continuous evaporation and sublimation of minerals in the presence of water.

There are several ways to produce salt; From dissolved extraction (solution) to even manual method. In the industrial state, today, usually rock salt is crushed or in other words, ground and after dissolving in water, it will become a saturated solution. In this case, some required substances, such as iodine in some cases, are added to the solution.

After this solution is passed through special filters and goes to the stage of evaporation and centrifugation. The resulting particles are then washed and dried. Of course, this is only a brief explanation in this regard.

Irani salt

Buy animal rock salt

But if you need animal salt in the process of preparing bulk and high-volume salt, you can still open a special account on the capabilities and products of this collection. Livestock bulk salt must have certain properties and, in addition to being the right size, be able to provide the minerals needed for livestock. Although the production of this type of bulk salt rock may be considered easier, in practice it requires more precision and quality.

The stones must be sufficiently resistant to licking the animal and at the same time deliver enough material to it each time it is licked. Therefore, if you are going to buy animal rock salt, it is better to see the products and portfolios of this collection.

Irani salt

Wholesale Irani salt in bulk

In addition to high quality and special attention to the properties and purity of materials, we always decide on the volume of materials supplied with great care and try to provide a variety of bulk salt rock in high volume. This means that, both in terms of quality and volume, working with Halito Salt Collection will make you feel comfortable. With years of experience in the field of bulk salt wholesale, we can deliver the volumes and tonnages you want in the shortest possible time. For more information, just contact us directly.

Sale of bulk edible and industrial salt with a monthly loading capacity of 5000 tons is one of the capabilities of Halito rock salt company.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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