Wholesale and export rock salt in bulk

rock salt in bulk

Wholesale and export rock salt in bulk, export of Iran rock salt to Armenia, Iraq and turkey, white rock salt and red rock salt.

Price per ton of bulk salt rock ore, white salt rock, hard rock salt, animal rock salt, bulk refined salt price, salt rock for cutting and production of decorative rock salt, to know the price of bag salt and types of rock salt See the table below.

What is bulk salt rock? What are the uses of this type of stone? Salt rock is one of the most widely used stones that is used in various industries today or the salt obtained from this type of rock. Salt rock can be seen in different colors, depending on the elements and minerals it contains.

Colors such as white, which is the main color of this type of stone, red, blue, pink, orange, etc., are among the colors that are found in nature about this type of stone. Salt rock that is extracted from salt rock mines is sent to various factories and industries across the country to process this type of rock in these factories.

Depending on the uses and uses of these rock salts, various changes are made on them and the final product enters the desired market or collection. For example, one of the most important and main uses of rock salt is its use as animal feed. In order for these stones not to damage the mouths and tongues of the animals, they must be shaved and smoothed and then sent to the farms and ranches. In this article, we will try to introduce you to bulk salt rock. Stay with us.

Type of rock salt packing -2021 Price per ton – Tomans
 saltAnimal rock in bulk 200000
White salt rock for cutting in bulk 350000
Hard rock salt in bulk 550000
Refined oral iodized salt 20 kg bag 1050000

Bulk refined salt

The highest percentage of refined salt on the market is refined salt from rock salt, which is produced and made available to the public through various processes performed on rock salt. The rock salt is provided in bulk to the refined salt factories, and these factories will provide the refined salt to the people by applying various physical and chemical processes on the salt rock.

rock salt in bulk

Rock salt for livestock

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, one of the most important and main uses of rock salt is its use for animal feed. The rock salts are cut by special machines and given to livestock and livestock farms without any sharp angle.

rock salt in bulk

Rock salt in bulk

Another property of rock salt is its use in various industries and factories to produce a variety of industrial products. Therefore, these factories buy bulk rock salt from rock salt mines and use it in the production of their products.

rock salt in bulk

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