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Rock Salt Bulk

Rock Salt is a sodium chloride mineral (NaCl) also known as halite or natural sodium chloride. With impurities entering the halite crystal,Rock Salt Bulk، the mineral comes in a variety of colors, usually obtained from underground mineral salts. Salt rock is usually colorless and clear, but is sometimes light in color such as blue.

Rock Salt Bulk

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Salt is one of the most common yet controversial substances on earth; You can’t live without it, and too much of it can be fatal. In the past, it was very expensive, but today it is not very expensive and most of it is spent on industrial uses. The food we eat is in the oceans and inside our bodies, but where does the salt come from?

In fact, salt is a mineral made up of sodium chloride (NaCl). In its natural state, it is called rock salt or halite. Salt is very important for the nutrition of all mammals, especially humans. Iodine (a secondary element commonly found in edible salt) is an important micronutrient for humans, and its deficiency causes countless hormonal problems.

Bandar-e-Pol Pearl Salt

Morvarid Salt pearl salt mine is the largest producer of industrial salt products, granulated salt, drilling salts, packaged salt in Hormozgan province (Bandar Abbas city) and the region. This complex has a brilliant history in exporting standard industrial salt to international markets with extensive use of machinery and salt production line and salt packaging,wholesale rock salt، has the ability to produce high grade salt in all sizes required by domestic and foreign salt markets.

Rock Salt Bulk

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Utilization of high quality salt mines, variety of salt granulation, high quality salt, providing the best services in delivering salt shipments to the customer in the shortest time, salt packing in bulk, salt packs, salt packing in bags, salt packing In Jambo Bag, near the salt mine to Shahid Rajaei port (Iran’s largest commercial port), a special area for storage and loading of salt, facilities for exporting salt in bulk and salt in a container and with very successful experience in loading salt in ship and salt loading In Barj,bulk rock salt prices، as well as extensive international salt transportation to deliver the desired salt in all target markets, the consumer of salt has been able to export this collection to one of the largest salt export units to Asian countries, salt exports to the Middle East, salt exports to the Persian Gulf countries. , Convert salt exports to African countries, salt exports to European countries and salt exports to American countries.

The daily price of rock salt varies depending on several factors that affect its pricing. The price list of salt in our country in recent years due to inflation and poor economic conditions in our country has fluctuated sharply and can not be a fixed price.

Rock Salt Bulk

In world markets, these products are sold at various prices depending on the quality and type of manufacturer. In some sales centers in this market, the price of these products is cheaper than other centers. Many wholesalers across the country come to this market to buy, which is affordable for them.

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