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Blue salt

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Blue salt

Properties of Garmsar blue salt

Garmsar blue salt, which is known as Persian blue salt among the people of Europe; Sold under the name of Blue Gem. This salt is very rare and can be found only in Garmsar salt mine with special quality. This salt is also present in Semnan salt mines, but it is very different from Garmsar salt in terms of quality.

Rare blue salt has a crystalline and crystalline structure, while other blue salts are not crystalline and have a sugar-like structure.



Blue rock salts belong to 100 million years ago and were formed by the evaporation of lakes in the Arguroz Mountains.

This salt reduces the acidity of food and reduces the coldness of food.

The presence of potassium in this salt has made it useful for muscle fatigue and cramps; For this reason, people who suffer from muscle spasms are advised to use a mixture of this salt with a little oil to massage their muscles.

Adding this salt to sauces and salads reduces the risk of stroke.

Because sodium and potassium pumps play an important role in sending neural messages; Consumption of this salt can help balance electrolytes and improve the function of the body’s nervous system.

Blue salt

Sale of Semnan blue salt

Blue salt is found in Semnan and Garmsar; But in terms of quality, Garmsar blue salt is in a higher degree than Semnan blue salt; However, people think that the blue salt of Semnan and Garmsar are not different from each other. Because Garmsar is one of the functions of Semnan, sometimes Garmsar blue salt is sold as the rare blue salt of Semnan.

Garmsar rare blue salt is one of the most expensive salts, so that the price of a few kilos of this salt is equal to the price of a few tons of ordinary salts; Therefore, this salt is mostly exported to European countries and a small amount of it reaches its compatriots.

Blue salt

Export of Iranian blue salt

Due to its geographical location, Iran has mines rich in rare minerals. Iran’s scarce blue salt is mainly exported to European countries, including Italy, but unfortunately, due to incorrect export policies, Iran’s rare blue salt is imported to other countries in the name of other countries, such as Poland or Turkey. Information about Iran’s blue salt rock and salt branding can make Iran’s name more famous.

Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier and exporter of blue salt rock in Iran.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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