Iran crystal rock salt supplier and exporter

crystal rock salt

Iran crystal rock salt supplier and exporter, crystal rock salt like glass, purity 99.8 %, supply capacity per month 50 tons.

Immediate purchase of glass crystalline rock salt, bulk orders of at least 1 ton and retail orders of at least 100 kg, can be sent all over the country.

You can buy glass crystal rock salt directly and directly at an extraordinary and exceptional price, both in person and offline and online through our site. For more information, you can contact the numbers listed on the site so that our colleagues can guide you.

crystal rock salt

Crystal rock salt is completely glassy and transparent

Salt rock is one of the most popular products, especially for the treatment and reduction of anxiety, stress and nervous tension in traditional medicine. The structure of rock salt is made of two ions of sodium and chlorine and therefore there are many positive and negative ions in it that the efficiency of crystalline rock rock goes back to the same ions.

Rock salt reduces stress and negative atmospheres in the home environment and absorbs harmful and dangerous rays and creates a positive energy in the house.

If you have trouble falling asleep at night and you have difficulty sleeping, or you have irregular and bad sleep, or you have constant nightmares, it is recommended that you prepare this crystal clear rock salt glass and put it in the bedroom. Put yourself in it, then you will realize its extraordinary effect on falling asleep and having a completely comfortable and easy sleep.

Salt also removes dust, pollution, cigarette smoke and viral and infectious particles in the air, so for those who have severe allergic diseases or lung and respiratory problems, a good option to treat pollution in the air. The air is.

All these functions of rock salt are performed by the ions contained in it and bring you a completely relaxing and low-stress atmosphere.

crystal rock salt

Crystal rock salt distribution center

Crystal Salt Distribution Center is ready to supply this completely natural product to all parts of the country at a great price.

To buy crystal stone, you can refer to our site and register your orders, or if you want to buy in person, you can call the numbers on the site to make the necessary arrangements for in-person purchase.

crystal rock salt

Be sure to prepare this crystal rock salt and use it to create a positive atmosphere at home and also to treat various diseases such as headaches, sleep problems and respiratory problems.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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