Iran Garmsar Red rock salt mine

red rock salt

Iran Garmsar red rock salt mine, Rock salt for cattle, Rock salt for goats, Red Rock salt lick, Persian Rock Salt Lumps.

Garmsar red salt ore mine, specially packaged red salt for export, delivery in Bandar Abbas, Bandar Anzali, export of red salt ore to Iraq, the largest pink, orange and red salt rock packaging plant in Garmsar.

Where is the red salt mine?

Red rock salt is one of the most popular rock salts in the world, which has become this color due to the presence of large amounts of iron. Red salt is found in a variety of colors from orange-red and pink to bold red.

Many mines around the world have this rock salt; Pakistan and Iran have red salt rock mines. In Iran, Garmsar red salt rock mine is the most important mine with this rock salt, as in Pakistan, Punjab province is a leader in this field.

red rock salt

Properties of red rock salt

Red salt rock can be used as a dietary supplement due to the high amount of iron and provides part of the body iron. Women who suffer from menstrual cramps; They can include edible red salt in their diet; Because in some cases iron deficiency can cause menstrual cramps.

People with hair loss; they can; Mix some red salt in tea and massage the resulting solution on your hair; Red salt can strengthen hair follicles, prevent hair loss and help thicken hair.

Many decorative rock salt manufacturers use red salt to make lampshades; Because red salts create a stronger magnetic field and increase positive energy in the environment.

red rock salt

Export of Red salt rock

Existence of many salt rock mines has provided a special economic situation for Iran; If Iran appreciates these huge mines and makes the right policy; It can advance its economic goals through these mines. Until recently, many red salts exported from Iran were sold in the name of Pakistan; Because Pakistan’s red salt was well known for its advertisements and Iranian red salt remained anonymous.

red rock salt

Analysis of Garmsar red rock salts proved the high quality of rock salt; In addition, the activity of Iranian merchants in the field of rock salt increased and the red salt of Garmsar was introduced to everyone and was considered by many Asian and European countries; So that now many merchants enter the country with a lot of currency by selling salt stone and exporting it.

Halito salt rock complex provides the highest amount of Garmsar red salt rock in the field of export.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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