Biggest manufacturer of persian salt lamp in Iran

persian salt lamp

Biggest manufacturer of persian salt lamp in Iran, manufacturer of salt bricks, grill salt block, salt lamp supply to Iraq, Azerbaijan, UAE in cheap price and unique models.

Major manufacturer of salt stone lampshade in Qom, Isfahan, buy decorative salt stones, natural medical salt stones, send salt stones individually and in bulk throughout the country.

Properties of rock salt lamp

Bring home the beauty of nature. Salt stone lampshade is a combination of technology and the beauties of nature. We all care about the beauty of our living environment, especially if it is light and at night. Lampshades are one of the oldest and most attractive home structures.

Now imagine having a product that has other properties in addition to a special and attractive beauty. All the positive aspects will be at your disposal. Rock salt is produced in the heart of the earth, among the masses of molten material. The rock captures the amazing image and color due to the interaction of chemical interactions in the earth’s crust.

In addition to beauty, these stones also have biological properties. Using salt rock lampshades can have a very positive effect on your life without you realizing it. for example:

  • Ambient humidity regulator
  • Eliminate stress and negative environmental waves
  • Lighten the air for better breathing
  • Reduce sinus congestion
  • Reduce neurological headaches such as migraines
  • Strengthen the sense of calm and security
  • Increase body mobility
  • Help to sleep better
  • Generate positive energy and a method for energy therapy
  • A kind of air purifier

persian salt lamp

How to produce decor rock salt

Salt stone lampshade, as its name implies, is made of decorative rock salt. But how are these stones produced? If you are looking for the benefits of these products, you need to get the original version.

We mainly extract rock salt from natural salt mines in the richest rock salt regions of the world. Many of these stones can be used for decorative purposes because of their beauty. These stones are extracted from their mines, refined in various devices and its additives are taken.

They are then shaped by cutting machines so that they do not lose their natural shape. Finally, they are available as decorative salt stones for various uses.

persian salt lamp

Wholesale of persian salt lamp

Salt rock bedside lamp is one of the most special products that can be given to your loved ones. Today, these attractive and lovable goods have found their own fans and their sales market has flourished. A salesperson knows that when there is a lot of demand in the market, it is time to make money.

persian salt lamp

Now you can earn a very good income from selling Halito salt lampshade at a very reasonable price by using the opportunity to sell it in bulk. Reasonable price, great quality, just what you need.

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