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rock salt factory

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Production of industrial and edible salts

Garmsar salt factory, due to its proximity and access to different mines, has given a lot of prosperity to this sector by producing specialized salt in different sizes and sizes, especially for the export market.

Powdered, sugar and shell salts are the best-selling types of industrial salt and recrystallization salt is the only health-licensed table salt that has the highest purity among all salts.

rock salt factory

Iranian rock salt export market

Fortunately, Iran is one of the top countries in the world in terms of salt reserves and in addition to not needing to import salt, it can export rock salt to other countries.

Currently, China, the United States, India, Canada and Australia are world leaders in terms of salt exports and Pakistan and Australia have a good position in terms of salt stone exports, but neither of these two countries is comparable to Iran in terms of salt ore reserves. They are not, but our country has faced some problems in this sector due to unfair sanctions.

In addition to having abundant salt reserves, these countries also have advanced ports and transportation lines, so they can be a significant leader in the export of rock salt.

Due to its acceptable variety and quality, Iranian salt rock has been able to have a good export market, especially in the field of white salt rock in the world ranks first.

It may be interesting for you to know that Iran is one of the largest holders of rock salt in the world and in terms of diversity is the first in the world and with this capability can expand the export market of rock salt, for example only pink rock salt. It exists in Pakistan and Iran, and on the other hand, blue salt rock is available only in Iran, with this capability, Iran can have a wider export market for this product.

In general, Asian and European countries are among the buyers of Iranian rock salt, while with the development of Iranian ports in the field of trade, more markets such as the market of African countries can be captured.

rock salt factory

Application of industrial salt

Industrial salts are produced in various meshes and advanced countries in the industry are in dire need of these salts. If high quality industrial rock salt can be produced and packaged in different meshes, it can also help develop its exports.

Since the consumers of industrial salt are the owners of industries such as petrochemicals, oil, textiles, rubber manufacturing, acid manufacturing, detergent production, etc., there is usually no problem in selling and exporting these products.

rock salt factory

Buy Semnan rock salt

Semnan province has always been known as the saltiest province in Iran. Variety of salt reserves, high percentage of purity, existence of salt production factories in this province, its proximity to the capital compared to other salt provinces, has led to more attention to the mines of Semnan province.

Domestic trading companies have distributed Semnan salt rock for domestic consumption in various fields and it is possible to buy it online.

The presence of blue, pink, black and red rock salts in this province has increased Iran’s rock rock exports. These stones are processed and refined in Garmsar salt rock factory.

rock salt factory

Sell ​​blue rock salt

Garmsar Semnan blue salt rock is one of the most popular rock salts in the world, but unfortunately due to lack of mines, this salt is not available to everyone.

Blue salt rock is rich in potassium and iron, which makes it more palatable than other rock salts, and the main and leading buyers of this product are abroad, because usually due to its high price, it is very popular in the market. It cannot be entered.

rock salt factory

Halito rock salt factory

Halito salt rock complex, with its Garmsar salt rock packaging factory, packages and exports a wide range of export rock salts, including the following.

  • Red salt rock
  • Orange salt rock
  • Edible white salt rock
  • Animal white rock salt

rock salt factory

If you want to export rock salt, we can prepare, pack and send rock salt to any part of the world. Contact us for more information.

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