Recrystallize table salt special wholesale

Recrystallize table salt

Recrystallize table salt special wholesale, minimum purity 99.2%, possibility of monthly supply of up to 1500 tons, special 25 kg bag for export to Iraq and Russia with 40 and 60 iodine.

Edible salt is a recrystallization of salt samples in high quality and valuable properties that enter the market in various ways and its special sale is done in this center, the desired quality and reasonable price have attracted the attention of many customers. Is.

Recrystallize table salt

What is Recrystallize table salt?

Edible salt is the recrystallization of salt, which is taken during the process of harmful salt impurities and provides healthy and iodized products. Impurities such as insoluble substances in salt include sand, gravel, soil and contaminants, and soluble substances such as Lead, mercury, sulfate, cadmium, etc.

The presence of impurities causes diseases of anemia, kidney, gastrointestinal and liver, etc., which are taken in the process of recrystallization of these impurities and pure salt is formed. Salt water is saturation, filtration, precipitation, production of pure water and salt, crystallization and drying.

Recrystallization salt is produced in two samples, iodized and without iodine, which have food uses and are very useful. … It is used that families, restaurants and dining halls and other kitchens are consumers of this salt.

Recrystallize table salt

Edible salt recrystallization center

Edible salt recrystallization center has a wide activity in the market and introduces different brands and different models of this product into the markets all over the country and facilitates the access of all customers in any part of the country to this product and because it is without intermediaries. It also offers very cheap and economical prices.

Garmsar rock salt is one of the samples of this stone in the best quality and is one of the export cultivars with which table salt prepared with it is very valuable and first class. There are different examples that cover the needs of all customers.

Recrystallize table salt

Crystallized table salt is available to customers in beautiful packages and in different weights, which have different prices depending on the weight, quality and method of sale, and are much cheaper if purchased in bulk and without intermediaries.

Source: Halito rock salt copmpany

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