Purchase industrial powder salt from the factory

industrial powder salt

Purchase industrial powder salt from the factory, in 25 kg bag, purity over 98 %, in 2 color white and pink color.

Buy powdered rock salt from the factory, powdered salt for the Afghan market with a 20 kg laminate bag, soft industrial salt without crystals in a completely one-handed delivery nationwide.

Introduction of Garmsar rock salt mine

Powdered salt rock is one of the examples of rock salt that is used for many purposes. This type of rock salt can be harvested from all over the country in salt mills, but the best type of powdered salt rock belongs to Garmsar salt rock mine.

High purity as well as uniformity and free of crystals are very important features of this product that has made it widely used in all industries.

Also remember that the richest salt mines in the country are located in Garmsar city of Semnan province and more than 80% of the country’s salt rocks are extracted from this region and in fact the salt rocks of this region are the purest and best salt rocks of Iran. And for this reason, Garmsar salt ore mining products are used in various industries that require pure salt rock or powdered rock salt.

industrial powder salt

How to produce industrial powder salt

Powdered rock salt, or powdered salt, is a product that is used for food as well as livestock use and as feed and supplement in manufacturing industries.

Powdered salt is formed from the crushing of rock salt and is the smallest type of salt and one of its special features is the very rapid absorption of moisture, which is a very useful and important factor for the serum industry.

To perform this process, special devices are used and the amount of fine and coarse crushed rock salt can be adjusted as needed.

For example, for some industries and applications, coarse salts are needed, and for some boiler industries, a completely soft powder is required. In general, special mills and screens are used to convert salt rock into powder.

industrial powder salt

Application of powder salt

Powdered rock salt, also called powdered salt or industrial softened salt, is a flour-like product that does not contain crystalline grains.

This product is widely produced today and has a lower price than other models. However, it is necessary to provide suitable conditions for its storage, because moisture can harden and firm this product again, and if the rock salt used to beat the lime will become a solid piece of rock exactly when it hardens again.

Powdered salt is used in household and food production sectors as well as in manufacturing industries.

industrial powder salt

Wholesale industrial powder salt

Bulk sale of powdered salt with a minimum order of 10 tons and the possibility of sending to all over the country is one of the daily activities of Halito rock salt company.

industrial powder salt

Powdered salt for the Afghan market is ready to be delivered in laminated bags with a special shape and image in the form of border delivery and the possibility of daily loading of 100 tons.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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