Manufacturer of refined salt in Iran

Manufacturer of refined salt

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Manufacturer of Garmsar iodized recrystallization salt, refined salt with a license of the Ministry of Health, 25 kg bag, possibility of changing the amount of iodine spraying 40 60 and 80 ppm to the demand of special export customer.

Recrystallization salt is a salt that is refined and produced according to world and Iranian health standards. This type of salt is used for medicinal and food use to remove any impurities in the salt and make it usable.

In Iran, salt is often found in the form of salt mountain mines, which are much cleaner, more useful and more properties than sea salt.

Properties that are considered to determine a good salt include physical and chemical properties.

Chemical properties include salt purity, water-insoluble matter, water-soluble sulfate, salt moisture, and iodine content.

Iodine is very important for the health of the human body and nervous system, as its deficiency causes many problems for humans, so if it has a small amount of iodine, it is added to it.

Physical characteristics include the appearance of salt, its taste and smell, as well as foreign matter and the size of salt particles.

Manufacturer of refined salt

What is recrystallization salt?

In the recrystallization method, gypsum, which is the main impurity in salt, is removed physically without the use of chemicals.

Therefore, the salt produced in this way has a high percentage of purity and its calcium and magnesium is less than three hundred ppm. This type of salt is very efficient and important in drilling wells and is also the main pillar of drugs such as medical serum.

The total dose of recrystallization salt production has nine stages, which are:

Grinding rock salt, then dissolving, purifying and creating a saturated solution, then filtering the salt solution and then circulation and creating a supersaturated solution and removing sulfate ions, dehydration of salt, deodorization, drying of salt at the end of silo and packaging Salt and send it to the consumer market.

Manufacturer of refined salt

Hydromyl salt production method

In the production of hydroxyl salt, the impurities inside the salt crystal are removed.

In countries that do not have salt reserves in the form of mineral salt and have advanced equipment and technology, this method is used for the final purification of evaporated salt. Using this method, salt granulation can also be controlled.

Salt granulation is very important in some industries, such as the cheese industry or the drilling of oil wells.

Manufacturer of refined salt

Manufacturer of refined salt

Not all countries in the world have vast sources of salt and many of them do not have enough technology to produce standard and hygienic salt, so the salt export market for Iran is a very lucrative market.

Salt is exported to Iraq, India, Armenia, Turkey and Oman with all customs formalities by Halito Salt Stone Collection.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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