Iodized salt wholesale price in Iran

Iodized salt wholesale

Iodized salt wholesale price in Iran, this price is for  minimum order 25 tons in 25 kg bag, per ton 990/000 toman and has 10 day validity.

Production of the best recrystallization salt with a minimum purity of 99.4% and above, packed in 25 kg bags and the possibility of spraying iodine at 40 and 60 ppm, weekly delivery of 250 tons.

Due to the fact that unrefined salts contain impurities that are harmful and threatening to the health of the body, so experts recommend that people must use refined salts for their food. Such as recrystallization salt, which according to the purification method, has such a name and is one of the best examples ever produced and approved by all health experts.

Iodized salt wholesale

How to use recrystallized salt

Each type of salt that is extracted from seawater or salt mines has impurities such as gypsum and sulfate, which are also indistinguishable from the original salt due to their white color, and therefore the consumption of unrefined salt coincides. Will be with the entry of these compounds into the body and thus endanger its health.

For this reason, it is strongly recommended that consumers use refined salt, otherwise it is not clear what are the consequences and dangerous diseases lurking in them!

It should be said that today, based on various methods, they try to purify salt, one of the most advanced and best of these methods is recrystallization, which leads to the removal of salt contaminants and all heavy and impure particles from it, and salt is completely purified. It will provide hygiene and contain useful compounds such as iodine, potassium, calcium, etc.

But as for how to use recrystallized salt, it has the same function as all other salts, and a certain amount of it should be added to various cooking foods, fried or raw foods, so that not too much and Not too small, this amount is usually between 2 to 3 teaspoons.

Iodized salt wholesale

Export of recrystallized salts

One of the centers that is known as the largest crystallization salt store and through which you can take quick steps to order and prepare this product, is the above center, which will provide you with very good facilities for purchasing crystallization salt.

Iodized salt wholesale

Also, you, dear buyers, can prepare the desired types of salt in various forms such as these, and you will also benefit from products with the latest production date:

  • Bulk crystallization salt: This product is supplied in kilograms, so you can order any amount you need.
  • Crystallization salt of packaging: It is available in multi-gram and printed packages and has very fine and separate granulations and with the best quality of freshness.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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