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blue rock salt

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Garmsar blue salt rock is mined in a very limited way and therefore is one of the rare and valuable minerals in the country that has a high potential for export. On the other hand, of course, its very high quality and high quality have led to the more expensive and interesting material.

Garmsar blue salt rock is one of the God-given treasures of dear Iran, whose name and properties have long been associated with the name of Iran and its huge mines. The greater properties of this type of salt, the attractiveness of its appearance and some of its special applications, have made it more welcomed than ordinary salt and has its own customers. If you are one of these people, all you have to do is contact us directly.

blue rock salt

Properties of Garmsar blue salt

The properties of Garmsar aqueous salt include many cases because it basically contains a wide range of minerals and is known to be useful and rich in many ways. In addition to the many properties of this type of salt, Garmsar blue rock salt, especially because of its higher quality and purity, can be said to be unique around the world and is more effective than others.

The blue color of this type of salt is due to the presence of silvanite mineral and therefore it is very high in potassium. Potassium is one of the essential minerals and is very effective in lowering blood pressure, improving the function of the body’s nerves, protecting against heart attacks, osteoporosis and kidney stone formation.

blue rock salt

How to consume blue salt

Many customers use blue salt for decorative purposes and to beautify the appearance of food containers and the food itself; Some other customers also use Garmsar blue salt rock for nutritional purposes and instead of ordinary salt.

In any case, Garmsar blue salt rock, like normal rock salt, should be crushed and used after the grinding process. What should not be neglected and is very important is to observe the balance in the consumption of this substance; Excessive consumption has the same disadvantages as regular salt.

blue rock salt

Garmsar blue rock salt for export

Garmsar blue salt rock is one of the minerals that is extracted in a very limited way and in addition to this rarity, it is famous all over the world for its high quality. Therefore, various foreign markets are prone to attract this product and sample exporters can make a lot of profit through a simple marketing.

If you are also one of the people who are interested in exporting Garmsar blue salt rock, you can contact us directly. Despite the direct access to Garmsar mines, this complex does not place the least restrictions on its customers in the field of extraction, distribution and supply.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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