Iran salt bricks factory

salt bricks

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Immediate purchase of salt bricks in Iran, the largest producer of salt bricks in Iran, salt bricks for export, special salt bricks for making salt rooms, dimensions 10 * 20 and 10 * 15, thickness 3 to 5 cm.

Salt bricks are the same rock salt that is extracted from salt rock mines, then washed and cut to different thicknesses. Salt bricks are sold in their size as ordinary or larger bricks.

With salt bricks, salt walls and salt caves are built in hotels and restaurants, which is very eye-catching and leads every passer-by towards it. Some companies paint the salt bricks to make them more beautiful. Double its beauty.

salt bricks

Useful information about salt bricks

One of the most beautiful applications of salt bricks is salt rooms, salt walls, use in architecture and building decoration.

Salt bricks are used as designs inside the wall that combine with the light of the space and provide a very beautiful reflection.

Another use of salt bricks is for cooking. It can be used for cooking foods such as hamburgers, pizza, fish, bread. Heat the salt plate on a hot gas and cook the desired food on it.

It has long been believed that salt produces positive energy and its use in the home creates a positive wave. Recently, artists have been painting and calligraphy on salt bricks in different sizes, which gives a beautiful effect to these stones. To make the rock salt more beautiful, it is illuminated, which gives a dreamy and relaxing atmosphere to the environment.

They also make beautiful stone lampshades from rock salt, which doubles the beauty of the environment.

salt bricks

Salt Brick factory

After extracting the rock, the halito rock salt CO. cuts them and divides them into desired pieces, then pours them in a pool of water to remove the mud and impurities. The stones are cleaned and polished and are ready for sale.

This company extracts salt rock from mines and after cleaning and cutting it, sends it to the market and neighboring provinces. This company distributes salt rock bricks both in retail and wholesale. The contact number for ordering this company has been placed on the company’s website.

salt bricks

In addition to Garmsar, there are salt rock mines in many cities of Iran, which are exported annually to neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan and Turkey. Halito salt complex is the largest producer of salt bricks in Iran with specialized centers for cutting rock salt in this field.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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