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white rock salt

Iran white rock salt supplier and exporter, white rock salt for all uses, export white rock salt to india, mundra port in lowest ocean freight.

White salt rock distribution center, sale and loading of white salt rock directly from the mine, animal white rock salt and high quality white salt rock with 99.5% purity for hardening and resin reduction operations.

In the past, rock salt was used for many purposes, especially to dissipate negative energy. White salt rock distribution center in the country sells this product according to the needs and the amount of use of the people. You can contact us to buy this product.

white rock salt

Disposal of negative energy with rock salt

Having positive energy and happiness in the home environment has always been one of our top priorities in life. Therefore, many people use various products, especially salt rock, to repel negative energy. The effect of this stone to absorb negative energy has been scientifically proven.
The ions in the salt become clear with sunlight and repel negative energies in the house.
To do this, pour powdered salt in the corners of the house and clean it after two days. By pouring rock salt, negative energies are also expelled from the house.
One of the big problems for all of us at home is stress and negative energy, which of course can not be easily seen with the naked eye, but by putting salt stones in the house, for example, candles, all these bad energies in and around the house and also He stays away from people at home and instead puts positive energy and calm in the house.

Placing a candle in a rock makes it easy for these bad energies to be absorbed by the salt, which is why having a luminous object inside the rock helps a lot in absorbing the negative energy.
Salt rock ions absorb environmental pollutants, thus purifying the air and preventing stress in the home.
By expelling negative energy, stress and illness are removed from the house and give people a comfortable sleep.
It also absorbs salt, humidity and internet waves, radios, mobile phones, etc. and strengthens the immune system.
It is better to place the rock salt somewhere near you to have a better effect on you. After the stone becomes cloudy, it is better to replace it because its absorption effect is less.

white rock salt

Direct sale of white rock salt

Garmsar rock salt is one of the best types of rock in our country that we help you in absorbing negative energies in your home by selling white salt directly.

White salt rocks are divided into different categories, which are mostly used in the following cases:

  • Animal salt rock
  • Hard rock salt
  • Decorative rock salt
  • Edible rock salt
  • Industrial salt rock

white rock salt

Contact us to buy and order Garmsar white rock salt for any of the above.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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