Export high quality Industrial salt to Iraq, Oman, India

Industrial salt

Export high quality Industrial salt to Iraq, Oman, India, in 25 kg bag and jumbo bag (1 ton), industrial salt in cheap price.

Supply of the best industrial table salt, recrystallized table salt, industrial salt with different granulations, iodized and non-iodized refined salt with the permission of the Ministry of Health, special 25 kg bag for export.

The best industrial edible salt is offered in this store all over the country, and people who want to buy it, it is enough to receive their desired sample after ordering online at their desired location. This product can be seen in various packages, each of which has different prices and people buy them depending on the amount they need.

Industrial salt

What are the characteristics of edible industrial salt?

Edible industrial salt, because it is refined in factories by special machines and through processes, does not have harmful salts and is more useful for the body, which are marketed in packaged form, and today there are various brands of this product It can be seen that each of them has different prices.

Salts have benefits for the body and we see their use in the preparation of various foods on a daily basis, and of course note that its excessive consumption causes disease and it is better to use a certain amount of it. This product is produced in large quantities due to its various uses, and in the market we see its sale in various packages, the high quality samples of which have a higher price due to their high quality and purity.

Industrial salt

Industrial salt price in Iran

The purchase price of different types of salt in the market is different and quality and brand are the main factors in the difference between them. The price of table salt varies depending on the type, and today, due to economic conditions, we are witnessing an increase in prices, and people can buy directly and online to reduce prices.

Industrial salt price at factory


Manufacturers offer these products in different ways to be well known and show great sensitivity in this regard. There are many companies in Iran that are active in the production of these products and bring different types of it into the market in various packages, each of which has different prices and people act depending on their purchasing power. They buy it.

Industrial salt

If you do not have information about these products, you can contact our consultants and buy them according to your needs to be satisfied with the purchase you make. Distribution and supply is one of the most important steps that can have a significant impact on the recognition of products.

Source: Halito rock salt group

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