Iodine and iodine-free industrial and table salt sales center

industrial and table salt

Iodine and iodine-free industrial and table salt sales center, iran edible salt factory, industrial salt manufacturer in Iran.

Sales center for industrial and edible salt of iodine and without iodine, refined industrial salt, industrial salt price, industrial salt production, 25 kg and 40 kg bags.

Types of edible industrial salt and its application

Industrial salt is a type of salt that has a lower percentage of purity than natural salt. This salt, as its name implies, is industrial and does not go through various processes in salt factories, including refining and refining.

Industrial salt is used in various industries including drilling, agriculture and detergent production. For non-industrial uses, there is also industrial edible salt. This type of salt does not have the salts that cause damage such as kidney stones due to the mechanism and production stages that it has gone through. Industrial table salt is free of iodine and other terrestrial salts and contains only sodium and chlorine.

There are different types of industrial salt that differ according to the extraction sources, production stages and refining process. Powdered salt, table salt, shell salt, fishery salt, agricultural salt and drilling are among the types of industrial salts, each of which is used for different purposes.

industrial and table salt

Production of industrial and table salt

Production of edible industrial salt is done by salt factories. About 200 million tons of industrial salt are produced annually. Some of these products are used for export to other countries. The other part is used in industrial and urban applications. For example, in the cold seasons of the year and when the land is covered with snow and ice, the highway and the municipality are obliged to prevent industrial accidents by spraying industrial salt on the roads and streets. Sometimes, due to the high cost of salt refining, these products are marketed raw.

industrial and table salt

Iran rock salt mine

Industrial salt is extracted from various sources. These sources can be seas, underground salts or salt mines. Various countries such as China and Korea are producing industrial salt. Meanwhile, some countries have richer and higher quality resources. Our country Iran can be considered among the top 20 countries in the field of production and export of industrial salt.

industrial and table salt

One of the most valuable mines in Iran is Garmsar rock salt mine. These mines, which have become one of the tourism hubs of Semnan province, are treasures rich in salt and rock salt. The quality of the salts extracted from these mines is amazing. Some of these mines are winding on the slopes of the mountains, creating beautiful scenery.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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