Iodized salt factory in Iran

salt factory

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A food salt factory has several products, each of which is suitable for a specific process and function; From table salt to industrial salt. In any case, apart from the type of material extracted, what will lead to the quality of the material in question is the observance of the required standards in its production.

In order to be successful in producing this very sensitive and precious product, the food salt factory must comply with various requirements and principles; From adequate equipment to following the standard and general principles of maintaining the quality of salt. We at Garmsar NaCl Factory are ready to accompany you in the highest possible speed and quality, while observing these principles and standards, even in the highest possible volumes. You can contact us directly for detailed information.

salt factory

Industrial salt producer

One of the by-products of the NaCl factory is industrial salt, which targets a wide range of applications and customers. As its name suggests, this part of the products can not be used for household and food purposes and are more suitable for various industrial applications.

Applications such as helping to prevent icy roads, industrial filters or even some very limited medical uses. However, the scope of application of industrial salt is fundamentally different and has its own customers. It should be noted that not every food salt factory has the ability to produce this by-product, but in this successful production line, this product, like food salt, reaches customers in the best possible quality.

 salt factory

Familiarity with the edible salt production line

In order to produce this product, there are four main stages that these five stages may have different details according to different issues, but the philosophy of work is fixed and unified.

  • Salt rock mill
  • Dissolve salt in water
  • Deposition of impurities in saturated salt water through contact with certain substances
  • Filter impurities and create pure brine
  • Conversion of pure salt water into crystals and desired salt grains

In a salt production plant, quality package and details, each of the above processes will be followed by following certain standards and principles.

salt factory

Garmsar salt factory

Garmsar NaCl Factory is one of the most complete industrial complex in the country that specializes in this field. This complex, despite benefiting from the best tools and equipment needed for production lines and also relying on the knowledge and experience of experts in this field, is ready to produce the salt of many other by-products in the best possible quality and by customers. To send.

In order to get more information and cooperate with Garmsar NaCl factory, you can contact us directly.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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