Direct purchase from industrial salt factory in Iran

industrial salt factory

Direct purchase from industrial salt factory in Iran, biggest salt manufacturer in iran, industrial salt size .3 mm to 8 mm in 25 kg bag and 1 ton jumbo bag.

Direct purchase of industrial salt from Garmsar salt factory, oyster oyster fishery sugar powdered salt, refined oral salt recrystallized with purity higher than 99.3%, 25 kg bag.

industrial salt factory

Introduction of industrial salt factory products

Let us mention the quality and superior edible salt among the many and valuable products of Garmsar Salt Factory. You should know that the salt rock of Garmsar mines has a purity of nearly 99% and you produce the highest quality refined edible salt in the salt factory. You will encounter Garmsar.

Do you know the difference between industrial salt and table salt?

Edible salt must be refined, but industrial salt, after extraction from the mine and stone crushing operations, is sieved and obtained in various dimensions without refining, but it is interesting to know that the quality of crushed salt rock is so high that our industrial salt is always higher than purity. Records 98%.

Products produced in different sizes have different applications in different industries:

  • Powdered salt – it is soft like flour and has no roughness
  • Sugar salt – its size is smaller than lentils
  • Oyster salt – the size of ordinary sugar
  • Fish or pea salt – is the size of a pea but small and large
  • Waltz Fish Salt – All seeds are the size of a pea

industrial salt factory

Uses of table salt

You can use table salt in addition to flavoring foods to remove sweat and blood stains on fabrics.

In fact, the use of table salt in disinfection as well as cleaning, parts of the house such as sinks are effective.

It is even used in the treatment of some diseases such as oral infections, toothaches and many other cases.

industrial salt factory

Salt size 1.5 to 2.5 mm production line

In the sugar salt production line, which is also known as drilling salt, granular salt and road salt, the utmost attention is paid to the uniformity of granulation due to the important applications of this product.

In the production of sugar salt from rock salt mines, after extraction and crushing of rock salt, the sieving activity continues.

industrial salt factory

Wholesale powder salt

Other types of industrial salt include powdered salt, which is also known as soft industrial salt because of its flour-like appearance.

Salt, which is produced from the last sieve, is produced in a salt factory and has no salt crystals and has many applications in various industries.

industrial salt factory

Our collection offers powdered salt in 25 kg and 40 kg laminate bags.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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