Globe salt lamp production and Supplier

Globe salt lamp

Globe salt lamp production and Supplier, Unique Persian salt lamps with wooden base, Salt bricks, grill salt block and rock salt manufacturer in Iran.

Ball salt decorative stone production center in 3 sizes, buy illuminated salt rock with a mirror, decorative salt rock without cheap lights, direct sale of decorative salt rock in Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad and Shiraz.

Salt stone is one of the most beautiful types of stones that is used in many cases to produce a variety of decorative industries. For example, salt stone lampshades are among the most beautiful types of decorative products that are sold This category of decorative products is increasing day by day in the country. In addition, many different salt statues are made today and are used as decorative objects. In this article, we try to introduce you to decorative rock salt. Stay with us.

Globe salt lamp

Properties of decor salt lamp

Salt stones are used to make a variety of decorative items. For example, salt rocks are used to produce many bedside lamps.

Salt rock bedside lamp has many benefits and will give people peace of mind during sleep. In addition, these types of lampshades are very beautiful and can be used as home decor and a variety of shops and cafes, restaurants.

Globe salt lamp

Sale of decor salt lmap in Tehran

One of the cities that has extensive activities in the field of production and sale of decorative salt stones is Tehran. There are many companies and factories in this city that, after buying salt rock from mines and factories producing and extracting salt rock, produce and send very beautiful decorative salt stones with the cuts they make on them. They market these products in the country.

Globe salt lamp

Manufacturer of Globe salt lamp

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, one of the fields of activity of factories producing decorative rock salt is the activity in the field of producing lampshades of rock salt. Salt stone lampshades are produced in different forms. One of the most beautiful geometric shapes of salt stone lampshades is the geometric shape of the ball, which is very beautiful and pleasant and has many fans and customers.

Also due to the fact that objects that are smooth and uniform, can induce peace of mind in people, so buying salt-shaped stone lampshades can create peace in the house and also remove negative energies from The residence of people is very influential.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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