Export salt to Iraq with 60 iodine ppm for the Kurdistan region

Export salt to Iraq

Export salt to Iraq with 60 iodine ppm for the Kurdistan region, 25 kg package of laminate, possibility of delivery of recrystallized salt with 40 and 80 ppm iodine, delivery to the border of Tamerchin, Sardasht, Sheikh Saleh, Bashmaq.

Salt has many uses for its various uses in nutrition, medicine and industry. Therefore, in different countries of the world, there is always a lot of effort to produce this product. Despite the high demand for salt in world markets, many countries that are unable to meet their demand for this precious substance are embarking on imports; One of these countries is Iraq. Exporting salt to Iraq is one of our services that we will try to give a brief description of.

Export salt to Iraq

Export salt to Iraq

The main type of salt consumption in the public opinion is table salt. Given the high demand of Iraq’s 34 million people for edible salt, the Halito rock salt group has also put the export of salt to Iraq in its edible form on the agenda.

Relying on production capacity and competitive prices at the level of regional markets, we are ready to meet food and non-food needs in this country.

It is possible to deliver recrystallized salt with 60 ppm iodine for the Iraqi Kurdistan region, and it is possible to deliver 300 tons of table salt per month.

Export salt to Iraq

Familiarity with recrystallization salt

One of the types of salt available for the export of salt to Iraq is its recrystallization, which is currently the only salt approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

Of course, in the past, different salts could be exported to Iraq, but in the last two years, the strictures have become very severe and many cars are not allowed to unload goods at the border, and table salt must be licensed by the Food and Drug Administration. .

In total, two types of salt are seen as production output; Recrystallization salt and wash salt with water. Recrystallization salt, unlike washing with water, has complete and regular crystals; However, the salt produced in the water washing system has irregular crystals that reduce the quality of the salt. Another reason for the high quality of recrystallized salt is the small amount of impurities in it, and the result is almost all of it pure sodium.



Export salt to Iraq

Review of salt exports to Germany

In addition to exporting salt to Iraq, another market that has many consumers and consequently good financial profits is the German market. This country is one of the major European importers in this field that should be given special attention.

Germany is the fifth largest importer of salt in the world, which alone absorbs more than 5% of the volume of salt traded in world trade in rock salt and salt.

Another product that can be exported to Germany is blue salt rock, which is very popular, and in fact, the customers of this product are present on the Green Continent.

Contact us to export blue salt rock to Germany.

Export salt to Iraq

Salt export market to Russia

Russia is a very large land and has a lot of minerals, but it is very narrow in terms of salt mines, so it uses Iran as its salt supply base.

Russia, as one of Iran’s new trading partners, has opened the doors of its food and industrial market to Iran and in this regard has a very high potential for salt exports and sales.

Even though Russia is not one of the major importers of salt in the world, the vacuum of the presence of rival countries and access to competitive prices gives Iranians a high chance of profitability in the Russian market.

It is possible to export industrial rock salt and animal rock salt to Russia in a very large volume through the water border.



Export salt to Iraq

World price of industrial salt

The world price of industrial salt in each country varies greatly depending on the type of packaging and shipping distance, and the exact number can never be stated. For example, industrial salt in Australia varies from $ 48 to $ 58 per ton, but industrial salt Made in China, it costs about $ 40 per tonne, but China has to import salt from Australia at a higher price to make up for its shortfall.

Export salt to Iraq

In general, it is never possible to announce an exact and specific price for industrial salt. Contact us for information on how to sell and trade rock salt and salt.

Source: Halito rock salt group

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