The largest salt block cooking production center in Iran

salt block cooking

The largest salt block cooking production center in Iran, 20*40*5 cm, 20*30*5 cm, for  place the order contact us.

The largest center for the production of rock salt for cooking, salt rock barbecue, cooking rock salt, grill rock salt, for information on the price of cooking rock salt.

Properties of rock salt meat board

Rock salt can have many different uses for cooking. Rock salt is not only used as a condiment in food, but also rock salt can be used as a cooking and serving dish. Salt slate can be a unique cooking experience for everyone. Among the most important properties of rock salt meat boards for cooking are:

1- Cooking food on rock salt boards causes the entry of various useful minerals and nutrients such as iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium into the food; Because of this, the good taste and properties of the food increase.

2- When cooking food on this board, there is no need to salt the food and the food absorbs enough salt; It is possible to cook diet foods such as low-fat and low-salt foods on this board; As a result, cooking food on this board makes food healthier.

3- Cooking on a meat board is very suitable for people who have digestive disorders such as gastric reflux and stomach ulcers.

4. Cooking on these boulders causes the body to be in balance in terms of electrolyte, pH, intracellular and extracellular water levels and temperament.

5. Salt rock can keep the heat in for a longer time, so the food does not cool down quickly and is very suitable for parties.

6. Another important feature of salt rock is that it is antibacterial and microorganisms can not grow on the surface of this rock; That is why the food that is produced is hygienically approved and even suitable for serving cold foods.

salt block cooking

Manufacturer of salt block cooking

Manufacturer of rock salt for cooking food, board rock salts extracted from the heart of mines; Buys. These stones are cut in different dimensions using special cutting machines. Then their surface is polished using polishing machines. The best rock salt for cooking is rock salt that the manufacturer has cut the edges well and the edges are not sharp.

Polishing the board also makes the surface of the rock salt completely smooth and the food is cooked on it with quality. Rock salt for cooking should not have any cracks and also have good resistance to heat.

salt block cooking

How to cook on rock salt

The rock salt used to cook food should be placed on a low, even flame. After the salt rock has slowly warmed up; Pour a few drops of oil on the rock salt and fry the food gently on it. In the same way, you can grill a variety of seafood, meat dishes and a variety of vegetables.

salt block cooking

Rock salt for cooking must have very low porosity and be able to absorb moisture. These two characteristics make the food not too salty and have a unique taste.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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