Iran rock salt mine wholesale supply and export

Iran rock salt mine

Iran rock salt mine, wholesale, supply and export to Iraq, Russia, India and china, persian blue salt, rock salt iran factory, Iran rock salt supplier.

Buy salt rock for export from salt rock mine, Garmsar mineral salt rock, edible rock salt in 4 colors white, pink orange and red, export rock salt to India, Oman, Georgia, Turkey and Iraq.

Rock salt has a special place in our country’s market and therefore they can be purchased in the best condition. There is a lot of variety in these stones and customers can prepare them as they see fit. The sale of rock salt in Kerman is regulated according to the needs of buyers. We often see wholesale sales of products, however, other buyers have no problem meeting their needs.

Iran rock salt mine

Where is the Persian Blue Salt Mine?

Among the various spices used in food, we want to talk about salt, which is made from rock salt. When shopping or in a world of diversity, we are faced with different colors.

In the following, we will talk about blue salt rock, which attracts many buyers with its unique taste. It should be noted that these products have a high price and are mostly used for treatment.

The main mine is the stones in Garmsar and Semnan, which we even see exported to foreign countries. Despite these mines, we are facing major products that meet the needs of most customers.

Due to the fact that these products have many healing properties and are useful for reducing stress, the number of customers is increasing day by day, which is a reason for major products.

Iran rock salt mine

Iran rock salt mine

Halito rock salt Complex is the largest exporter of rock salt in Iran, which sends rock salt products to different countries. :

  • Variety of small packages and large jumbo bags
  • Types of pure edible rock salt
  • Provide all necessary permits for the export of rock salt
  • Carrying out customs staffing operations
  • Declaring rock salt and performing all legal formalities for exporting goods
  • Offer sea and land transportation rates with the lowest prices
  • Possibility of delivery of goods in the destination country

For information on how to deliver the goods in the destination country, contact the public relations of Halito Salt Stone Collection.

Iran rock salt mine

Our experts will be ready to respond to customers all days of the week to receive free advice on sending salt rock to the destination country.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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