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Salt Factory

Halito Salt Factory export Center, recrystallized table salt with a minimum purity of 99.2%, the best edible salt in middle east, 25 kg pcking, supply monthly 1500 tons.

Halito Salt Factory, with the benefit of an experienced team and experts in the field of salt harvesting and production, has a wide range of different types of salt in its product portfolio and is ready for sale in whole and in part.

It does not matter what the level and shape of your need for salt is, we are ready to meet your needs in the shortest possible time. Using a variety of industrial methods, Garmsar salt factory has made the best type of salt in the shortest possible time in Make available to your customers.

Speed, quality and competitive price are what every customer definitely expects from a manufacturer. Undoubtedly, in working with this collection, you will experience all of these stated conditions.

Salt Factory

Introduction of recrystallization salt

Recrystallization is one of the methods of salt production and purification, which has many properties and benefits depending on the conditions of its performance, but before we just look at this method, it is necessary to know that there are basically two common methods for salt production: washing and crystallization. Again.

In halito salt factory, we use the recrystallization method and with its help, we produce a very high quality and pure product.

The recrystallization salt crystals are very regular and also the salt mixture itself has the least impurities. These two recent factors have made the salinity and, of course, its quality more impressive than the products of halito salt factory.

Salt Factory

Familiarity with salt size 3 to 5 mm

Fishery salt, or granule salt, is more recognizable than the appearance of its coarse grains. This salt has basically no oral function and is an industrial salt. Usually, this type of salt is one of the largest grains of salt that are separated from others in the initial stages of separation and filtering.

Fishery salt is one of the most widely used types of industrial salt, which is widely used in various food industries, and the same fishery salt is widely used to produce pickles.

Fishery salt is produced in the highest possible quality and while maintaining the coarseness of the grains on a large scale, and it is possible to deliver up to 1200 tons of this product per month, which means that Garmsar Salt Factory is ready to supply the fishery salt you need on a large scale. Slowly

Salt Factory

Application of rock salt

Hardened salt rock has made it possible to prevent hard water damage to the complex without incurring exorbitant costs for rehabilitating water facilities and piping systems.

Hard water has certain chemical compounds that will cause metals to rust or deteriorate when they come in contact with them. By adding hard salt to this water, you can remove these chemical compounds and help them settle instead of moving with the water.

Halito rock salt collection delivers the best hardening salt rock with a purity of 99.5 in 20 kg bags with free shipping throughout Tehran.

Salt Factory

Direct purchase from Halito salt factory

Instead of getting involved in intermediary networks that make prices unrealistic and unreasonably increase prices, it is better to always buy better and more competitive prices for products by buying from parent collections. This direct purchase, along with the reasonable price, always makes it easy for you to obtain the required volumes.

Salt Factory

While there are restrictions on the volume of supply in many market segments, direct purchases are not. In terms of quality, it is also clear that to access the best, certainly the most rational way, is to use the source of production.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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