Purchase wholesale Iran blue salt at a reasonable price

Iran blue salt

Purchase wholesale Iran blue salt at a reasonable price, Persian blue salt wholesale, export of iran blue rock salt to all over the world, capacity per month 25 tons.

Bulk purchase of Garmsar blue salt with the lowest price, Garmsar crystal blue rock special for export in two types of full color and light color, export to all parts of the world and delivery in the destination country.

The difference between Semnan and Garmsar blue salt

Garmsar blue salt or Iranian blue salt is a mineral salt that is very useful for health due to its ingredients. The best blue salt mine is located in Garmsar city. Although Semnan also has blue salt mines, but the differences between water salts in these two regions are great.

Garmsar blue salt has a special quality compared to Semnan blue salt. This salt is rare and has a crystalline structure, but other aqueous salts are in powder form.

Blue salt has been formed over the centuries by the evaporation of water from the lakes around Semnan and Garmsar, which was formerly the Precambrian Precambrian Sea. This type of salt is extracted from the mountains of Iran according to a long tradition and derives its sapphire blue glow from silvite. Iranian blue salt or sylvite is a mineral composed of potassium chloride, which is also used as a salt substitute in low-sodium diets.


Salt or halite is made up of sodium chloride, but blue salt contains potassium in addition to other salts that cause The consumer is very relaxed

Iran blue salt

Consumption of blue salt in Europe

Iranian blue salt or Garmsar blue salt is rich in potassium, which helps reduce blood pressure and cardiovascular health. Potassium is also good for muscle strength and bone strength and prevents muscle mass loss. This salt with a unique taste, has made it perfectly suitable for cooking seafood. It also has many other health benefits. High levels of iron, which is essential for the body, calcium (for bones) and potassium, which we all lack. Today, due to its unique properties, the consumption of Garmsar blue salt has become very common in Europe. The name of Iranian blue salt inspires a world of special and original luxuries of Iran to the people of the world.

The blue color of this salt has made it an eye-catching element in the design of food plates for Western countries. In terms of taste, it has a strong initial salinity, but after a while, it has a gentle and long salinity in the mouth. This salt has a warm nature and reduces the coldness of food. Also, its lovely appearance makes it suitable for any dining table. But the finer the salt, the finer the color. One of the most common uses of blue salt in Europe is to decorate the edges of drink glasses.

Iran blue salt

Purchase wholesale of Iran blue salt

For bulk purchase of Garmsar blue salt or other salts, you can contact Halito salt rock collection. This complex supplies all kinds of rock salts and refined salts and produces all kinds of industrial salts in bulk and in small quantities, as well as exporting it to other countries.

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Iran blue salt

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