The largest center of purchase and export of blue salt

blue salt

The largest center of purchase and export of blue salt in Iran, Blue salt Iran, Natural blue salt, Blue salt for cooking, supplier of blue salt monthly 40 tons.

The largest center for the sale and export of Semnan blue salt, sugar blue sugar, monthly supply of 5 tons, Semnan granulated pink salt, Garmsar crystal blue rock salt.

Semnan blue salt, due to its amazing quality and special properties, is welcomed by a large range of customers today and many applicants want to buy it. If you are one of these customers and you need Semnan blue salt in high quality and reasonable price, you can contact us without wasting time.

Where is the blue salt mine?

You may think that blue salt can be extracted in certain places, and this is not a misconception, but in fact, different parts of the country use water salt resources. But some areas have a larger share of blue salt mines in the distant past due to various issues, including the presence of certain elements and special climatic conditions. Semnan blue salt mine is also one of the centers and situations that has a high volume of this salt with suitable purity.

Of course, it should be emphasized that the Semnan blue salt mine has not only provided this type of product to producers, but also its products have special properties and characteristics that have distinguished the products of this very valuable resource. For example, the appearance of Semnan blue salt is not crystalline and has the appearance of sugar.

blue salt

Properties of blue salt

To understand the properties of Semnan blue salt or any other type of blue salt, one must ask why this type of salt has turned blue? In principle, this color created in the blue salt of Semnan, which makes it different from other types of salts, is due to the presence of potassium in its structure.

In this type of salt, due to various geological reasons, potassium elements have entered the sources and this potassium impurity has caused this color. Of course, the use of the word impurity is just a term and the presence of potassium in Semnan blue salt has become a strength and advantage for it. So that it is useful in various fields and applications such as regulating blood pressure, preventing neuromuscular disorders, maintaining the health of the respiratory system, facilitating digestion or balancing minerals in the body, and has various benefits.

blue salt

Export of Semnan blue salt

Not only for the purchase of Iranian customers and domestic consumption, but also for the export of Semnan blue salt, this collection has considered the necessary arrangements. While cooperating with foreign customers and meeting their needs, we are ready to be with you in business matters related to the export of Semnan blue salt, with the desired volume and the highest possible quality.

blue salt

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Source: Halito rock salt company

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