Supplier and distributor of blue salt in Iran

blue salt

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 What is blue salt?

We all have the idea that the color of salt is white. But it might be interesting to know that there are other types of salts that are blue in color and are called blue mineral salts.

Blue salt is the same as table salt or table salt, the blue color of which is due to the presence of minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium and silhouette. Of course, atmospheric conditions as well as pressure and humidity are among the other factors that have changed the color of this type of salt. Garmsar city can be introduced as one of the important centers for the production of this type of salt around the world.

blue salt

How to consume blue salt

Usually one of the questions that arises for people regarding water mineral salt is how it is consumed and in what cases it can be used?

In answer to this question, it should be said: this type of salt can be ground and used in cooking. The use of this salt is recommended because it regulates heart rate and blood pressure, and on the other hand can be useful in controlling stress and anxiety.

blue salt

Blue salt export center

As mentioned, the city of Garmsar is one of the most important centers for the production of mineral water salt around the world. That is why it is exported from Iran to other countries. Today, various countries, especially European countries, due to the unique properties of this type of salt, have become customers of its propolis tablets. It can be said that today about 90% of Iran’s products in the water salt sector belong to the export sector, which has led to various centers to operate in this field.

blue salt

The reason for this volume of export of blue mineral salt can be introduced as its high price. In fact, due to the limited number of mines of this type of salt around the world, the price of this salt is very high and that is why its consumption is very limited inside Iran. On the other hand, most people in Iran are not aware of the unique properties and characteristics of this type of salt and therefore do not want to buy it, while blue salt can be used as a treatment for many diseases. Introduced.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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