Salt bricks distribution center in bulk

Salt bricks distribution

Salt bricks distribution center in bulk, dimension 10*20*5 cm and 10*15*5 cm in 20 kg packing, minimum order is 14000 qty.

Distribution center of salt bricks in bulk, completely gonia salt bricks for making salt rooms and salt walls in standard dimensions, very reasonable price and fast delivery with special glue.

The salt that is extracted from the mines has different shapes and is sent to factories for cutting and polishing. Major salt bricks are an example of these artifacts that are prepared in specific and cut shapes and are used to build salt walls and salt rooms. This product has a salty taste and has the most beautiful shape during installation and execution. This center mainly solves the needs of consumers by distributing export salt bricks.

Salt bricks distribution

What is a salt brick?

The salt brick has a polished and cut piece that all its raw materials are mineral salt. This product is similar to brick and is made in different lengths, widths and thicknesses to be suitable for building houses and walls. Their colors are mostly white, orange, brown and red, each of which has its own fans.

These artifacts are produced in a fresh and patterned form and are offered to domestic and foreign markets, and today they have been welcomed by more people and art lovers. The ocher shape makes this product special and makes it more widely used. Extraction of this stone from mines is done by advanced equipment with high precision and finesse.

The texture of this stone is very dense and changes state in the face of atmospheric fluctuations, so it has a high ability to be polished and designed.

Salt bricks distribution

Special sale of bulk salt bricks

The price of salt bricks, which are sold in bulk, is more reasonable than packaged samples, which is why it is more popular. Sales are made directly and indirectly, and this seller offers a wide range of services to consumers in the field of sales so that customers can make purchases according to their circumstances.

Salt bricks distribution

For the well-being of customers, this center has set up a store site and provides easy and low-cost shopping conditions for consumers by displaying different products and the possibility of viewing and comparing them. This method satisfies them.

Special sales with exceptional discounts are done all over the country by online and online stores. For the convenience of customers and the possibility of access to all products of new products suppliers have sold through this online store. Today, online sales play an important role in buying and selling products, and most customers buy products through this.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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