Special sale of Iran rock salt

Iran rock salt

Special sale of Iran rock salt, delivery at India mundra port, in 14 days, possible to supply of rock salt monthly 5000 tons, biggest iran rock salt supplier.

Special sale of rock salt in Iran, various types of rock salt for export, red, orange and pink rock salt with a jumbo bag for export, animal rock salt and hardener for the domestic market.

Today, the sale of rock salt, especially online, has increased significantly and has many applicants. These stones are prepared completely organically and have various uses, so they have been able to occupy a large part of the domestic and foreign markets.

Iran rock salt

Technical information about rock salt

In this article, we want to provide you with interesting tips and information about Garmsar salt rock to increase your awareness in this field and get the necessary information; So please stay with us until the end of the speech in the hope that it will be useful and effective for you and you will be able to extract a suitable answer for all your questions from it.

These stones have a crystalline structure and have a completely clear and bright color.

The constituents of rock salt include sodium and chlorine, which in the presence of impurities will sometimes contain magnesium and iron, in which case it will be seen in a darker color.

The mentioned stones have different dimensions and sizes and the crystals in them can be seen with the naked eye; These crystals are constantly being liquefied.

This product will change color in the face of sunlight and oxygen, which is one of their prominent features.

Pure rock salt has little hardness and is easily broken; In addition, it has an extremely salty taste.

It should also be noted that this mineral has the ability to scratch the glass without scratching or cracking itself.

The solubility of rock salt in water is very high and this feature is one of the criteria that distinguishes it from other rocks in mines.

Iran rock salt

Biggest Iran rock salt supplier

At Halito rock salt group, we have sold decorative salt and its pure stone with the best quality and the most affordable prices, and fortunately, we have been able to gain the trust of our companions and customers in the best possible way.

Iran rock salt

So if you want to buy or order these products, visit our online stores and visit them.

You can also contact the active partners in the sales or support unit through the phone numbers listed on the page.

Source: Halito rock salt group

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