Sale of Iran edible and industrial rock salt

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industrial rock salt

Sale of Iran edible and industrial rock salt, white rock salt in cheap price, 25 kg or jumbo bag (1 ton) packing depend of customer request, export to Iraq, Oman, Armenia, Turkey, India.

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Sale of rock salt and its applications

Selling rock salt is used for industrial, food, pharmaceutical, decorative and … uses. According to published statistics, only 6% of the rock salt extracted from the mines is for food consumption and the other 94% is used in various industries and in pharmaceuticals.

From the past until today, rock salt has been used in food and medicine, but now the industrial use of rock salt is increasing and its various applications are increasing in various fields.

industrial rock salt

Application of industrial rock salt

Salt rocks are cut in different sizes and sizes and will have different sizes depending on the application. Sales of rock salt for domestic and industrial use are increasing. In the following, we will express and review these cases:

  • These stones have therapeutic applications and are suitable for respiratory diseases such as shortness of breath and asthma.
  • One of the new uses of rock salt is to make decorative items. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, these stones emit negative ions in the environment and thus provide a relaxing atmosphere in the home environment and ….
  • Rock salt is used as a diet for livestock and poultry.
  • Selling rock salt in industrial and domestic facilities is very suitable for hardening and removing sediments.

industrial rock salt

Use salt therapy stones at home

The sale of rock salt is widely used in medical cases. The ions in rock salt can easily absorb dust particles in the air and thus clean the ambient air. Such an atmosphere is very suitable for breathing people and helps to treat shortness of breath. In traditional medicine, several healing properties have been mentioned for rock salt.

Salt stone can eliminate phlegm, bile and soda and help to make the skin clearer, fresher and more rejuvenated.

industrial rock salt

Sale of Iran rock salt

Garmsar mine rock salt has a unique quality and today the mines of this city are being extracted using the latest technologies in the world. These stones are in different types and models.

Garmsar mines have a high degree of purity. Before buying and salt rock, be aware of its quality, because low quality salt stones are not used much and are discarded in various industries.

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