Iran Pink salt manufacturer monthly capacity 650 tons

Iran Pink salt

Iran Pink salt manufacturer monthly capacity 650 tons, Iran rock salt manufacturer, pink rock salt, Orange rock salt, white rock salt, biggest supplier of rock salt in Iran.

Manufacturer of pink salt with a monthly capacity of 650 tons, pink salt with a variety of powder granulations, one-handed pea pink salt and fine pink salt, delivery in 25 kg bags, export of pink and blue salt to all parts of the world.

Properties of pink salt

One of the purest and best salts in the world is Himalayan pink salt, which is effective in treating many diseases and has many benefits for the body. Pink salts are healthier than regular salts and contain 98% of sodium chloride and have chemical compounds close to table salt. The use of pink salt significantly reduces infections and kills harmful bacteria in the body.
How is pink salt produced?

Pink salt is extracted from the salt mines around the Pakistani city of Kahiwar. Over time, the appearance of these salts turns pink and sunlight creates special crystals in this salt. Pink salts can only be extracted from the Himalayas near Pakistan and are known by the same name.

Iran Pink salt

Benefits of using pink salt

Pink salt has many healing properties and affects human health. The amount of sodium in common salt and pink salt is the same, but because the Himalayan salt is saltier, less of this salt is used for food and as a result less sodium will enter the body. It is necessary to remember that the presence of sodium is necessary for the body, but if too much sodium enters the body, it will cause complications such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart problems, and so on. Himalayan salt has strong detoxifying properties. In this salt, there are negatively charged ions that, after entering the body, will expel various toxins in the body.

Another property of pink salts is its high ability to rejuvenate the skin. Consumption of this salt facilitates the process of absorption of minerals and as a result, freshness and freshness will be created for the skin. Salt therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat respiratory diseases. This treatment is done by patients inhaling salty air and using this salt, they disinfect their lungs.

Iran Pink salt

Wholesale Iran Pink salt

It is possible to buy Himalayan salt in two major and minor forms. However, buying bulk salt is economically viable and the cost will be more appropriate and cheaper.

Contact us for bulk purchase of pink salt from the manufacturer and very reasonable price. All orders are shipped nationwide.

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Iran Pink salt

It is possible to export pink salt at a very exceptional price in all countries.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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