Market for export all kinds of color rock salt

color rock salt

Market for export all kinds of color rock salt, rare blue rock saltred rock salt, pink and orange rock salt, with jumbo bag packaging and 50 kg bag.

Why does rock salt become colored?

Salt is used in the cooking of almost all types of food. Sea salt is usually white, but the salt obtained from rock salt mines, due to the presence of elements such as calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium, has a variety of colors such as blue, pink, gray, black and red in rock salt.

For this reason, mineral salt rock can be seen in different colors. Even white rock salts vary in their degree of whiteness based on the amount of salts in them, and as a result, they have a different application than each other.

Basically, it is the difference in the internal solutes of rock salt that has led to different applications of rock salt in different food and industrial fields.

This issue continues to the extent that the purity of salt rock determines whether it should be used in this part of the industry or not ?!



colored rock salt

What is Blue Rock Salt?

Blue salt is found only in mines in the mountains of northern Iran, and some call it fossil salt. This salt contains large amounts of potassium.

The blue color of this salt is due to a change in its structure when the tectonic plates collide. The presence of a small amount of silvite also causes an optical refraction and therefore this salt rock is seen in blue!

The finer the blue salt rock, the less blue color is seen in the salt. About 7 tons (or less) of this rock salt can be extracted annually in Iran and is the rarest rock rock in the whole world.

The presence of large amounts of potassium gives it a strong salty taste that immediately after eating you will feel a mild and pleasant taste. The same mild and pleasant taste of blue salt is one of the favorite salts of children.

colored rock salt

Production of colored rock salt bedside lamps

Halito rock Salt is the largest collection in the field of decorative salt stone production in the country, which produces and offers a variety of decorative salt stone products in all price categories.

The rock salts offered by this collection are of very high quality and purity. One of the products that is marketed after the extraction of these rock salts is the production of colored rock salt bedside lamps.

Pink, red and white salt stones are used to make these lights, among which colored salt stones usually have a better market and the desire for colored salt stones is always increasing.

colored rock salt

Wholesale decor rock salt

In addition to producing decorative salt stones such as bedside lamps and candle holders, Halito Group has provided wholesale and individual sales conditions for the dear people of Iran.

Provides rock salt in bulk to those who intend to work in the field of production of decorative rock salt. Please contact us to prepare bulk salt rock that is suitable for cutting to make all kinds of decorative items.

colored rock salt

Export of colored rock salt

Various rock salts are extracted from the mines of Garmsar city. Colored rock salts usually have many customers, but they have a relatively higher price.

The proportion of rock salts mined from Garmsar mines is approximately 90% white and streaked, and the remaining 10% is colored rock salt.

Most of the extracted colored rock salts are orange, red and blue. These rock salts are exported to countries such as India, Germany, Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Turkey. If you want to export colored rock salt, you can benefit from our tips and advice.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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