Buy rock salt for cows directly from the miner

rock salt for cows

Buy rock salt for cows directly from the miner, free shipping, nationwide shipping, livestock salt at an extremely cheap price, white one-handed live salt.

Properties of rock salt for cows

The extraordinary properties of salt in the diet of animals for the proper growth and development of the animal and the reproduction of animals with very little salt in their diet have been proven by researchers.

The presence of sodium and chlorine in rock salt is necessary to prevent dehydration, improve digestion and absorption of food and generally improve the health of livestock because the lack of minerals in the diet reduces milk and meat production, reduces skin quality, reduces Fertility and general health of animals.

One of the ways to include salt in animal feed is to mix salt with food, but the simplest and most practical way to prepare salt in the diet of livestock is to use salt rock.

rock salt for cows

Which rock salt is suitable for farming?

Livestock rock salt is available in different forms with white and red colors, and the choice of type of rock salt required for cows depends on the ingredients in their diet.

If you do not know the contents of your animal diet, it is better to choose white salt rock because it contains sodium chloride and other elements are much less in it.

Red rock salt contains minerals such as zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt and iron, but in general, the use of red rock salt is not recommended for animal feed salt due to its high iron stores.

rock salt for cows

Sale of farm rock salt

Salt rock blocks are divided into different types of salt rock for livestock, fisheries and poultry according to the type of salt, weight, formulation or chemical composition.

Livestock salt rock from Garmsar mine, which is provided by Halito collection and can be sent in the weights desired by the buyer from 10 kg to 50 kg and larger.

It is noteworthy that these salts have a high degree of purity and increase lactation and fertility, reduce the weakness and lethargy of livestock, brighten and shine the skin of cattle and increase the strength of cow venom and well the salt lost through perspiration in water And compensates for the hot air for the animal’s body.

Animal rock salt export market

Animal rock salt produced by Halito collection is offered in two forms of lumps and cuts.



rock salt for cows

Due to the more appropriate price, the types of rock salt or bulk salt are mostly used in the country and its cut types are exported to countries such as the UAE, Russia, Georgia and Qatar.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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